_Who are we?

Transition Technologies PSC, Atlassian Gold Solution Partner in Poland, is proud to employ over 200 people and growing fast. Our main efforts are focused around implementation, support, training and development of Atlassian tools, PLM implementations and IoT innovations.

Who are we? Transition Technologies PSC - Atlassian

_Our team

Our team. Tranisiton Technologies PSC - Atlassian

We have a strong development team creating add-ons for Atlassian Marketplace working hand in hand with support team responsible for start-to-end implementation, administration and support of our clients’ Atlassian environments. We have Atlassian Certified Professionals (ACPs) in all fields at your disposal.

_Why should we work together?

We know the market, the tools and we have an extensive experience in Atlassian implementations. Transition Technologies PSC


_We know the market, the tools and we have an extensive experience in Atlassian implementations

We are working with Atlassian stack from 2008 and we are an official Atlassian Partner from 2012. We’ve done all kinds of implementations, ranging from simple installations and support, through migrations, upgrades and scripting, up to complicated installations requiring custom development and plugins. Over 50 different clients from the whole spectrum of industries, many of which are global companies, have bought our services. To see our clients portfolio click here.

We are cheaper than your local Atlassian Partner. Transition Technologies PSC


_We are cheaper than your local Atlassian Partner

We operate remotely from Poland which for many years has been the source of high qualified and cheap work force in Europe’s IT sector (and still is!). Therefore, despite having at our disposal very competent team, we are able to offer you our services at lower price than your local Partners. Even though working remotely is the most cost-effective way of servicing our clients we know how important it is to get the team together and get to know the other side, that is why we usually do the analysis phase of the project at client’s HQ. This also helps us maintain a high-quality of the requirements gathering process.


We speak English. Transition Technologies PSC


_We speak English

Expansion to foreign markets has always been our goal, that is why one of our criteria for new employees is fluency in English. You can rest assured that we will understand one another (if English is your language too) and we are able to deliver good quality services and training sessions in English.


We are available at the same working hours for most Europe countries. Transition Technologies PSC


_We are available at the same working hours for most Europe countries

Our time zone is CET+1 or CET+2, depending on the time of the year. We are available from 8:00-18:00 our time, which will overlap with most of your working hours, meaning that we can support your instance with high reaction time. If you require 24h support, don’t hesitate to ask us about it.


_Our services with remote access

Deployment and configuration of Atlassian suite. Transition Technologies PSC


_Deployment and configuration of Atlassian suite

For clients who require a brand new instance of Atlassian products, we install and configure Atlassian products according to client’s requirements. The configuration part of this service ranges from just one day to months, depending on how complicated the system is going to be. Our most demanding implementation involve many workflows with custom scripting and even development of add-ons.


Hosting. Transition Technologies PSC



We provide hosting and maintenance of client’s systems on AWS, world class solution for hosting purposes.


Post-delivery support. Transition Technologies PSC


_Post-delivery support

We provide long-term post-delivery support of Atlassian products. We provide competitive reaction time and fast solutions. We work in different business models: fixed amount of time per months, time and material, unlimited support. We always do our best to stay flexible enough to meet our client’s requirements.


Trainings. Transition Technologies PSC



Most of our clients require training after implementing Atlassian products. We deliver interesting and interactive training sessions for both users and administrators. We have trainers who deliver training sessions in English.


PMO implementations. Transition Technologies PSC


_PMO implementations

If you are looking for PMO solution, then we also have a treat for you. Atlassian tools and their add-ons are very well suited for PMO management, providing a clear overeview of what’s going on in your company and great exchange of information between all layers of employees. Contact us to see how we can take your project management to the next level. PMO implementation requires some on-site work directly with the customer.


_Remote access tools

We are used to working remotely, we implement our products and solutions through secured networks with 95% of our clients. We work with VPN or secured laptops (provided by our clients), Skype, Webex, GoToMeeting and e-mail, depending on the security configuration on clients’ side. You can be sure, to get high-quality delivery of our services.

Remote access tools. Transition Technologies PSC - Atlassian


References - Polska Wytwórnia Papierów Wartościowych (PWPW). Transition Technologies PSC


_Polska Wytwórnia Papierów Wartościowych (PWPW)

"With your expert I am not worried about my applications JIRA and Confluence, and I feel safe. At any time I can count on professional support, reliable information and rapid response to my query."

Robert Świderski
Senior Administrator of IT Systems



References - Generali Groupe. Tranisition Technologies PSC


_Generali Groupe

"We have just completed the order  concerning the Component for searching of users in Generali systems. This is what has been provided in the final package exceeds my expectations. A long time ago I had the pleasure of cooperation during the implementation of the tasks associated with the creation of the software, and the more pleasantly surprised that cooperation between Customer and Developer runs in such a comfortable way."

Waldemar Szczepański
Service and Support Manager



References - Geopolis. Tranisition Technologies PSC



"I wanted to thank you and express my appreciation for the Expert and the way the training was conducted with the use of JIRA. Your expert demonstrated a professional, practical approach, flexibility and incredible knowledge. Our employees participated in the training with great pleasure. "

Jerzy Chotkowski
Business Development Manager



_Our clients

Our clients - T-Mobile. Tranistion Technologies PSC
Our clients - Raiffeisen BANK. Transition Technologies PSC
Our clients - PKO. Transition Technologies PSC
Our clients - Lotos. Transition Technologies PSC
Our clients - Amway. Transition Technologies PSC
Our clients - TVN. Transition Technologies PSC
Our clients - Sephora. Tranistion Technologies PSC
Our clients - PGNiG. Transition Technologies PSC
Our clients - Vienna Insurance Group (VIG). Transition Technologies PSC
Our clients - PWPW. Transition Technologies PSC
Our clients - Generali. Transition Technologies PSC
Our clients - Geopolis. Transition Technologies PSC

_Get in touch

Our team will always provide on-going support to ensure that all your questions and issues are handled in a timely manner. We provides unlimited email and telephone (+48 607 300 279 or +48 42 296 18 51) support during normal business hours.


For more information please visit our website.


Get in touch. Transition Technologies PSC - Atlassian Solution Partner