IT support for Atlassian solutions

The implementation of the Atlassian environment

Is an investment in the efficient management of a company and a smooth workflow, provided that it is carried out according to best practices and the system is maintained, updated and supplemented by experienced specialists. We offer IT support for Atlassian systems to customers who have entrusted us with implementing them in their company, those who have transferred their business to Atlassian with the help of other subcontractors or have implemented them themselves. By entering into cooperation, we provide the customer with a dedicated team that ensures failure-free operation of Atlassian applications.

IT support. A range of services tailored to customer needs:

We have a diverse range of services which allows us to offer a scope of support tailored to the needs of the customer. We want to adjust the offer to the customer’s expectations, without straining their budget and the working time of our experts. That is why we prepare it after prior discussion. We invite you to contact us.

IT support for companies

Cooperation with us is a guarantee of the highest quality services.

  • Comprehensive administration of Atlassian applications – from daily supervision of proper operation, to maintenance, development recommendations and care of the entire infrastructure.
  • Continuity of critical systems – there are no downtimes or errors preventing the continuity of application operation; our specialists take responsibility for system operation, the customer does not have to do anything on their own.
  • Relief for employees – the TTPSC Atlassian team takes full responsibility for the operation of Atlassian systems. An IT specialist at the customer’s company can take care of other tasks (if the customer employs an IT specialist to handle all the tools, they have many different responsibilities and do not necessarily know the Atlassian solutions in their entirety).
  • Better efficiency and process improvement – we offer business analysis, on the basis of which we recommend add-ons that will cover the needs of the company. Thanks to this, the system will operate even better and will allow you to carry out a much larger number of business activities faster.
  • • Regular contact with specialists – in the standard scope of support, the customer can report errors, problems and inquiries concerning the correctness of the system’s operation, via e-mail. If it should prove insufficient, we can increase communication channels by offering a dedicated customer portal available from anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day, as well as chat and telephone calls.
  • Cost savings – we provide our services at a lower cost than that of the employment, training and specialisation of your own team.

Add-on support

We can extend our support service to include the support and maintenance of add-ons for Atlassian systems (all available on the Atlassian Marketplace). Our specialists can take care of applications that the customer already has and/or recommend new ones that provide specific functionalities to meet the needs of the company.

Full range of support

Comprehensive service including: recommendations, implementation of solutions and management of client applications and infrastructure. Companies for which Jira is a critical system can count on our full commitment in every issue concerning an IT environment built with Atlassian solutions.

We provide:

  • Integration of the customer’s environment so that all of your Atlassian applications create a consistent business ecosystem.
  • Finding the cause of possible errors and malfunctions and recommending the best solutions.
  • Configuration of the environment with basic tools such as email, database.
  • Managing licenses for all systems and their add-ons.
  • A discount depending on the length and scope of cooperation – in case of renewals.
  • Contact with the application developer to fully speed up the information flow.

The working environment is not just the office!

Ensure a system that supports your company’s business processes.

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Overview of IT infrastructure

Atlassian solutions are one of the areas we specialise in. If your company has implemented the Jira system and you feel that it does not meet your expectations and could work more efficiently – contact us. We will review and analyse the instance remotely or on the spot and, as part of this, we will perform such activities as:

  • Checking the system configuration and add-ons.

  • Verifying the correctness of the processes.

  • Checking software and application versions.

  • Preparing recommendations for infrastructure improvement.

  • We can also offer a specialised security audit regardless of the system the company has (not only Atlassian).

We often receive requests for support services from companies that have set up the Jira system on their own, and over time and as their business develops, there is a need for a thorough analysis of the proper functioning of the system, its optimisation and an extension of its functionalities. When Atlassian systems become critical for business, companies need professional support and a guarantee of business continuity. The TTPSC Atlassian team has the appropriate qualifications and certificates; we are able to take full advantage of the potential of Atlassian solutions, because that is what we specialise in.

Piotr Tokarski
Business Unit Manager at Transition Technologies PSC

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If you are using Jira, other Atlassian systems or apps from Atlassian Marketplace in Server version:


From 15.02.2022 the producer is no longer developing it's Server tools and you are not able to upgrade/downgrade Server licenses.