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Want to move an IT environment built from Atlassian tools to the cloud? Or maybe the other way around – you need to move your “cloud” version to your in-house or external machines? Are you considering the Jira Data Center model for your organisation? In each of these cases, we can provide your company a professional specialist service. We will explain and safely guide you through the migration process. We will provide regular contact with experts, run of all necessary tests and find all the errors before moving the system to the production version.

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Migration – step by step

A system migration, in which business processes function, is mostly full of stress – clients are afraid of downtimes, loss of important data and errors that prevent the optimal functioning of the company. In the case of Jira (and other Atlassian solutions) migration is performed by certified experts, so there is nothing to be afraid of. Below you can find a description of the basic steps according to which we conduct the migration process for clients:

  • 1
    Instance verification
    Verification of the existing system version and all the implemented expansions and updating them, if necessary.
  • 2
    Backup and import to the test version
    Creating a backup version of the configuration and data and moving them to the system test version.
  • 3
    Testing the operation of the application, improving possible errors, testing workflow, automation and all the configured events.
  • 4
    Migration – moving to the production version
    Implementation of tested settings from the test version to production one – the actual migration. After the migration, the company can work in an environment transferred to the chosen model (server, cloud or Data Center)
  • 5
    After finishing the migration we always offer several hours of support to ensure immediate action in case of any unforeseen situations and the comfort of being able to contact specialists quickly. We can also offer a full range of IT support and constant supervision over the proper functioning of the infrastructure.
  • 6
    We provide training for administrators and end-users; this is an optional service. Usually, it applies to complex migration processes connected with implementation of new extensions and solutions, e.g. from the cloud version to the Jira Data Center model.

Types of migration

Full migration – transfer of the entire instance with its content to the new environment.
Cloud Data Center
System transfer from “Cloud” version to the server version.


  • Jira Cloud has limitations when it comes to extensions and possibilities of expanding the system’s functionality; the existing instance does not meet the growing expectations and needs of the organisation.
  • The company wants to have better control over the data stored in the system; in the “server” model no data is transferred to a third party.
  • The company has invested in its own machines and wants to host its own infrastructure.
  • The organisation is developing processes to such an extent that it decides to move to the Data Center model which meets the requirements of the biggest companies.

TTPSC Atlassian Expert work:

  • Replacing projects that are unique to the Cloud version with “business” or “software” server projects.
  • Checking if all add-ons used by the client are available in the server version; recommending substitutes (if necessary); making separate backups for each application or (if possible) adding them to the default backup generator.
  • Making a backup (test) of the “server” version and checking its validity.
  • Installation of the final server instance and moving all the configurations from the previous copy (checked and tested).
Server Cloud
Moving the Jira instance from the server version to the cloud version.


  • The client does not want to maintain their own infrastructure.
  • Maintaining an instance in the cloud is a lower initial cost for hosting Atlassian systems.

TTPSC Atlassian Expert work:

  • Checking if all add-ons used by the client are available in the cloud version; recommending substitutes (if necessary); making separate backups for each application or (if possible) adding them to the default backup generator.
  • Appropriate preparation of the user base (user names should be changed to their e-mail addresses).
  • Preparation and testing of the backup copy, following manufacturer’s documentation:
  • Moving the copy to the production version.

*Only migration from Jira Server to Jira Cloud. We do not recommend moving from Jira Data Center to Jira Cloud

Migrations between the same environments  
Server Server


  • The company needs hosting options outside the organisation, wants to use subcontractor servers.
  • Or the other way around: the company is moving the instance to its own machines.
  • The company changes its operating system, e.g. from Windows to Linux.

TTPSC Atlassian Expert work:

  • Preparing an instance copy and the machine on which it will be hosted.
  • Special care is taken to install all add-ons according to the contents of the previous instance.
  • Uploading the copy to the servers.

Moving the Jira-home and Jira-install folders and the databases to new machine is another method. In this case remember to change the configuration file and configure the DBCONFIG file (*our specialists will take care of this, do not be alarmed by the technical jargon ?).

Cloud Cloud


  • Change of “cloud” services provider.

TTPSC Atlassian Expert work:

  • In this situation, moving the environment is possible only by making a full instance backup and uploading it to a new cloud instance.
Partial data migration


  • The client wants to move some projects to a new environment, e.g. they have both a cloud and a server instance (e.g. one department works on Jira Server, another on Jira Cloud and there is a need to implement some solutions from one version to the other).

TTPSC Atlassian Expert work:

  • Manual project configuration for the new Jira instance and moving tasks via CSV file. Unfortunately, not all data can be moved this way; an additional option is the use of migration add-ons or other available resources, such as rest api.

Jira migrations and other Atlassian solutions.

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Trust the specialists

Why should your company entrust the Jira migration to us? There are many reasons, the most important being:

  • We have certificates confirming the knowledge of Atlassian products.


  • We have over 10 years of experience in working with Atlassian systems.


  • We have a comprehensive offer connected with Atlassian infrastructure – the client does not have to look for additional contractors.


  • We take care of every aspect regarding the Atlassian environment, we provide recommendations and expert advice.


  • We react instantly to notifications and take care of good communication with clients.


Have a ticket system that you would like to change to Jira software? We can migrate the data in this case too! Contact us.


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