Trainings: Jira, Confluence and other software for business

We know Atlassian tools backwards and that is why the workshops which we organize are widely recognized by our clients.

We know Atlassian tools backwards and that is why the workshops which we organize are widely recognized by our clients. Jira and Confluence are software which can be supported with additional solutions so that the software was fully customized to your company’s needs. Effective use of an application makes it possible to use its capabilities to the full and to improve the whole company’s performance significantly.yeWe run trainings for end-users (emploes who are going to use the software).

Additionally, we offer technical support of our specialists and a possibility of consultation in case of any questions/problems.

TT PSC Atlassian trainings

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    Well-qualified trainers.

  • 2

    Course which is customized to client’s needs and tools.

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    Workshops for beginners and more advanced users (e.g. when the company added a new process to an instance).

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Jira – Core, Service Management and Software - workshops

Regardless of which variant of Jira software has been implemented in your company, we are going to organize a proper training or workshop for you and your employees. We are well-qualified which has been proven by proper Atlassian certificates. We offer two starting workshop options – detailed program can be agreed upon individually, depending on tools which are used by the company and specification of the processes which are performed in it.

Jira for end-users – basics

The training is dedicated to end-users, which means people who use Jira software during daily work.


A trainer focuses mostly on passing on practical clues concerning effective use of software functionalities; teaches how to create and moderate basic software elements as well as how to expand it, using extra applications.

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Training program
  1. Introduction
    • What is Jira, workflow and dashboards?

  2. Main software functionalities and their use:
    • Assigning roles,
    • issue management,
    • searching and categorizing issues,
    • combining many issues into one operation,
    • filters and subscriptions,
    • adding attachments,
    • work with Dashboards,
    • running mass operations,
    • expanding the software,
    • integrating Jira software with other Atlassian tools.
  3. Summary:
    • Discussion with a trainer, observations exchange, questions and comments.

Confluence – knowledge base for companies – trainings

Confluence allows for teamwork while creating documentation – it is a knowledge base and platform for information exchange in a company. The software works perfectly as official announcements storage as well as storage for free content which employees want to share with each other. Before starting cooperation with the software, we recommend a training preparing end-users and/or administrators to use the tool effectively.

Confluence basics

During training, participants are going to learn how to edit and format content in the system, preview changes which have been introduced, share created pages and limit access to them; they are going to do the most useful activities and will find out about additional functionalities which will make the created content more varied (adding charts, graphs, symbols, etc – these are so-called macros).

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Workshop program
  1. Introduction:
    • What is Confluence and what are the basic tools of the software?

  2. Main software functionalities and their use:
    • Creating websites and content,
    • additional elements varying the content (macros),
    • assigning restrictions,
    • work with attachments,
    • pages observation,
    • notifications,
    • content’s import/export,
  3. Summary:
    • Discussion with a trainer, observations exchange, questions and comments.

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