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Jira Service Desk becomes Jira Service Management. New name, more possibilities.

The year 2020, and especially its end, is the time of changes announced by the producer of Jira software. Recently, we have heard about the new licensing and support conditions for Atlassian Server products, and today (November 9, 2020), the company announced the rebranding of their Jira Service Desk. Apart from the new name – Jira Service Management, customers will receive a complex, comprehensive ticket management system. So far, Jira Service Desk has been enriched with many useful functionalities through add-ons. Now it will have them by default, which is a huge step towards meeting the needs of business customers.
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Piotr Tokarski
Business Unit Manager

Jira Cloud vs Jira Server

What does Jira Cloud have that Jira Server doesn’t? What benefits does it offer, what functionalities are worth noting, and do both these hosting options imply the same way of accounting for maintenance? Here we present the most important differences between Jira Cloud and Jira Server. You should get to know them before making a decision on implementing or migrating your company’s software.
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BigPicture 8.0 – a new, better version of the…

BigPicture by SoftwarePlant, a new version of the project management and PMO development addendum in Jira, is coming. What changes will it bring? How can you prepare for them? I will answer these questions later in the text – please read on.
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Agility. All you need to know about the agile…

What actually is agile? How did it all start? What are the principles that characterise this working method, how does it differ from the traditional approach and how to manage projects in an effective (and agile) way? We present a set of information that every person associated with technology in any way should become familiar with. We hope you will find it valuable and recommendable. Feel free to comment or contact us if you have any specific questions
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How do Jira and Confluence help you build your…

The turn of June and July 2019 was an intense time for us. Due to the increasingly dynamic development of companies in the TT Capital Group, it was gradually becoming clear that in the long term it was impossible to maintain a central IMS (which, in addition to ISO9001, ISO20000, and OHSAS also included ISO27001). It was time to act.
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What software should you choose to work remotely?

At a time of the coronavirus threat, the ability to work from home is no longer a privilege, but a necessity. The employees at Transition Technologies PSC have successfully switched to this model of working thanks to, among others, the Atlassian tools that ensure the efficient information flow from anywhere in the world. The text presents several proven programs that allow remote work to be performed without the downtime and without interfering with the implementation of projects. Among them, you can find brand flagship systems, such as Jira and Confluence.
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Jira Core – a tool for effective work and…

A good marketing team consists of people who have different, complementary skills: content, SEO, paid campaigns specialists, graphic designers, developers, analysts, PR or Employer Branding experts. This is not an exhaustive list – it all depends on what projects are or will be implemented. And although the team consists of different people, each of them has the same goal: to do their job well and on time, and to manage their (but not only their) task list on an ongoing basis.
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Atlassian Summit 2020 – we’ll be there!

After a two-year break we return to the Atlassian Summit as sponsors of the event. In Las Vegas, Tomasz Pabich, Project Manager, will give a lecture on “The dos and don'ts of transforming your company culture”, while Mirosław Żyszczyński, Technical Support Team Leader, has once again been invited by the Australian producer as one of the most active people in the Atlassian community.
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Atlassian Open 2019 – news, thoughts

A strong emphasis on cloud solutions, customer-focused narration as well as promoting the idea of being “open”. What happened during Atlassian Open 2019 in Vienna, what elements was the event composed of and how is it being evaluated by TTPSC professionals?
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Confluence by Atlassian – opinions and the most important…

Based on implementation in Transition Technologies Capital Group currently hires nearly 1000 employees working in broadly understood advanced technology field.
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Atlassian Summit 2019 – summary, trends, changes

Atlassian Summit is an annual even organized by an Australian producer of software for work management, among which the most popular ones are Jira and Confluence.
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TTPSC The Gold Sponsor of Portfolio Experience 2019 conference

How to set up PMO for any business project? Managing projects portfolio is a huge challenge for every organization; it requires constant control…
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Transition Technologies PSC had been awarded with Enterprise status…

One of the areas of our company activity, relates to Atlassian brand systems and tools implementation for business customers. Responsible for it department,…
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DevOps – culture, philosophy and cooperation model

DevOps is a definition that rapidly trends up and at the same time it stays not fully comprehensible. Atlassian, as a global-range developer…
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Managing work time and holidays has never been easier.…

Managing work in such a way that all processes run smoothly is the more difficult the bigger the company becomes. On the one…
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Project Management Office toolkit in Atlassian Jira environment

_Jira is not just a “bugtracker”   Project Management Office, often referred to by its abbreviation PMO, is an organizational unit which appears…
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Reaching the top of the mountain – platinum partnership…

A mountain expedition is not something you do unprepared. Before the expedition even thinks about heading out they have to secure appropriate resources…
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Unifying Amway’s IT systems through single platform based on…

It’s been six years now since we established our official partnership with Atlassian in 2012. Since then our expertise and professionalism in supporting,…
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