Interest in modern technologies in industry is constantly growing. Although abroad Augmented Reality solutions are already known and used by specialists in their everyday tasks with growing frequency, in Poland Augmented Reality is still an unfamiliar, mysterious and, at the same time, interesting topic.


Transition Technologies PSC together with an American giant PTC organizes a series of webcasts “Augmented Reality Club” for Polish users, which will be launched on September 26th of 2018. The series of presentations will be conducted by specialists who have been collaborating with most important brands for years, helping them use Augmented Reality for business purposes at their companies.

Augmented Reality Club - webcasts

During the series of webcasts, our goal is not only to demonstrate what Augmented Reality is, but also present real advantages of its implementation as well as its possible uses for business in different sectors. – says the Operational Director at Transition Technologies PSC, Konrad Dróżka.


The series of webcasts is intended for those who work with Augmented Reality solutions on an everyday basis, seek interesting solutions to streamline industrial processes or collaboration among specialist, wish to realize new business objectives for the entire company, as well as those who want to keep up with technological novelties.


Event participants will be able to get to know Augmented Reality solutions used by global brands. We want to rely on concrete solutions and demonstrate the versatility of applications Augmented Reality solutions may have. – adds the R&D Director at Transition Technologies PSC, Adam Gąsiorek.

Augmented Reality Club - speakers

Registration for the event is open on the official website and it will be launched in the beginning of September. The webcast series consists of three topics which will include such matters as application of Augmented Reality in the industry of the future, correctness of implementations, and collaboration in the area of Augmented Reality or types of tools used in AR projects. Those, however, are not the only questions experts from Transition Technologies PSC wish to discuss.


Below you may find information regarding the coming events co-organized with PTC:


      • Augmented Reality in the industry of the future
      • 26 September at 3 pm


        It’s already happening! See how Augmented Reality changes the industry on real-life examples. Discover modern solutions implemented by our specialists.


      • How to implement Augmented Reality projects correctly?
      • 30 October at 3 pm


        Are you wondering what implementation elements are key to success in the realization of Augmented Reality projects? See the indications regarding the choice of software or equipment.


      • Collaboration in the area of Augmented Reality
      • 21 November at 3 pm


        Check out our objective case studies to see how modern Augmented Reality technology supports the work of those who participate in the review of products manufactured in the plants of such companies as L’Oreal.


    Don’t wait any longer! Register today!

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