The IT market is developing really dynamically. Every year, they devise new technologies and solutions which companies from all over the world want to use in their daily work. This is the reason for hunting for another specialists, who are more and more difficult to find.


IT development has led to an increased demand for specialists in particular fields. At the moment, it is said that in Poland alone there is a shortage of approximately 50 thousand developers while in whole Europe the figure is close to half a million. It is a significant number which simultaneously gives specialists from other business branches an opportunity to requalify. Software developer market is incredibly insatiable so it aids advancing career pathways as well as gaining experience in new areas. There are plenty of job offers for developer positions which considerably makes it easier to requalify.

nauka programowania kursy

In fact, competent and dedicated employees are wanted by both small and larger companies. Those, in turn, less frequently focus on professional qualifications. Experience, analytical thinking, foreign language skills and desire for constant self-development are by far highly valued. TTPSC helps perfect, acquire and brush up programming skills and that is why our employees share their knowledge and experience during ”Programming Training” courses.


We are currently enrolling candidates for two out of three courses:


Participants can choose location (Łódź/Kielce) or a suitable learning mode: full-time, evening or weekend, and start their adventure with programming. When supervised by experienced specialists, it is much easier to explore the secrets of programming, and according to what our lecturers say -it is really not as complicated as it seems!

Zespół. Transition Technologies PSC

You can also join TTPSC!

During courses run by our employees, first of all, we focus on passing on practical skills and knowledge. That is why 70% of time will be dedicated to working with a code itself , while the rest of the time will concern the best practice of a software developer. Within 15 weeks (300 hours of training), our specialists will share their wide range of knowledge concerning: programming basics, algorithms in programming, modeling, object-oriented programming, managing project dependencies, file operations, testing, or SCRUM. As obviously, that is not everything, we encourage you to familiarize yourself with a complete range of courses as well as with lecturers’ profiles posted on the website.


That is not the end though! Especially for our participants, we have prepared a possibility of starting traineeship in our company, and the best trainee will be offered a particular position in TTPSC. If you want to work with the best people and improve your skills using advanced technologies, we are waiting for you!

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