Futuristic ideas become reality! Augmented Reality in aesthetic medicine and surgery!


Next Motion has together with Transition Technologies PSC taken yet another big leap for the implementation of Augmented Reality in an everyday setting. Next Motion is a French company with the best solution for running a 100% connected aesthetic activity.


The new HoloLens application guides the surgeon through the procedure, identifying areas of the patient’s body, which are to undergo certain parts of the procedure as well as areas of risk, which are to be avoided. With the help of a cutting-edge face recognition engine, the application superimposes a true 3D hologram, which is aligned with the patient’s face and at the same time tracks the patient’s movement for continuous perfect fit: allowing the surgeon to see veins, face muscles and in this case needle injection points for Botox. 


The build in flexibility in the AR application from Transition Technologies PSC gives the surgeon an opportunity to choose between different hologram layers to superimpose on any of his patients, allowing the surgeon to focus on the procedure with the best possible information at hand.


This cutting edge new product is significantly lowering the risk of complications and at the same time improving the result.


Learn more about how AR is changing the medical industry and watch the movie from real use case with real patients!


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