11 October 2018
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How do I resource IT projects?

The rapid development and technological boom we have been experiencing in the last years has left many companies in desperate need of qualified IT specialists. With technology transforming the economy and the scope of IT roles constantly developing most countries are facing a serious workforce issue. And despite outsourcing and offshoring dating back to at least the 1980’s (in its broader sense we can see examples of the practice much earlier), it is estimated that the US alone may be around 500k specialist short and counting. Even though, according to Forbes, the issue may be related to the terms employers offer and the employer – employee relationships, one thing is certain – easy access to top IT experts is key for all respectable businesses.


Is Outsourcing the Answer?


Outsourcing and offshoring both stir controversy, especially for companies and products where quality is crucial to the end user experience. Many fear that outsourcing a project may negatively influence the overall quality of the product. On the other hand recruiting new permanent employees is not only costly and time-consuming but also risky. Many employers try to ‘steal’ or ‘poach’ the best employees from other prestigious companies but that practice frowned upon due to creating a hostile business environment. Major industry players secure their human resources by legally closing ‘poaching’ options to competition.


Still, according to analysts outsourcing will always remain a great solution, and, if done in a creative yet respectful manner, it can significantly benefit all parties involved. Why?


1. It expands the talent pool


2. It reduces cost


3. It can help fulfil common needs and interest of all parties


How do I Get it Right?


What if you could ‘buy’ the services of top experts from top companies without any conflict of interest? With the benefit of all parties and networking rather than ‘poaching’ in mind, the Benchout platform – a hub for outsourcing IT projects – has been created. The concept is to ‘lease out’ your best experts that may not have a full time project in your company and enable them to complete a contract for another company. It is, indeed, a win-win deal, since the mother company get to make their underutilized staff useful and the client company gets to work with the best experts without the hassle of ‘poaching’ or even regular recruitment process.


Why Benchout?


Despite not being the first or only such tool, Benchout is different. Apart from having a great user-friendly interface, it aims at sharing experts who already work for top companies rather than freelancers. It helps building new inter-company relationships and networks as well as ensuring top quality. Being directly in touch with the specialist’s employer you may gain access to their portfolio and references which will minimize your due diligence and background checks.


Also it offers a variety of packages and solutions to suit different clients.

If you are looking for additional information, please contact us! We will dispel all doubts.

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