The fourth Industrial (R)evolution

Industry 4.0 and its foundation, the Internet of Things (IoT – especially in industrial version: IIoT), in the last years have dominated the way of thinking of advanced management concerning manufacturing business resources.

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How is ThingWorx different from Axeda and should you…

PTC is phasing out its Axeda platform. Although they look similar at first sight, Axeda and ThingWorx differ very much in capabilities.

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Are your data sources ready? InfluxDB support of ThingWorx

While ago, PTC announced a new release of ThingWorx Platform (8.4). Among other exciting features, this release has OOTB support for integration with InfluxDB.

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The Internet of Things – 9 trends for 2019!

The approach that has been underestimated for a long time is nowadays spreading its wings and becoming a crucial set of solutions for…
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Is now the time to invest in IoT?

Recent years were hyped about the Internet of Things (IoT) and how it was supposed to re-shape the whole industry. However, so far…
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