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IT staff augmentation – flexible way of scaling the IT team

IT staff augmentation increases the potential of your team. An additional specialist is support in completing daily tasks and meeting deadlines. The presence of this person allows to increasing productivity when new and challenging business opportunities arise.
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Grzegorz Głąb
Delivery Manager

How to protect yourself from phishing using authentication?

We live in the age of big data - they are more valuable than money in the world we live in. Identity theft and loss of important data is problematic for any user, but businesses in particular should be aware of this threat. A cyber-attack is not only associated with temporary downtime, production delays or losses related to the need to mitigate the damage.
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What should you know about serverless computing?

Serverless cmputing still raises a lot of doubts, especially among those environments that are just starting to use cloud services or are just planning to migrate their systems to the cloud. We will try to answer the most important questions about this solution in this article.
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6 Common misconceptions about Scrum methodology

6 of the most common myths and misconceptions around Scrum so you can spot and avoid them.
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Scrum Guide 2020. TOP 5 changes and what should…

Scrum Guide – what has changed? 2020 November update With all the events that happened in 2020 worldwide it’s not difficult to miss…
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Agility. All you need to know about the agile…

What actually is agile? How did it all start? What are the principles that characterise this working method, how does it differ from the traditional approach and how to manage projects in an effective (and agile) way? We present a set of information that every person associated with technology in any way should become familiar with. We hope you will find it valuable and recommendable. Feel free to comment or contact us if you have any specific questions
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WCAG 2.1 – what should you pay attention to?

Imagine that you are a blind or visually impaired person and would like to log into your own bank account via a website or mobile app. You enter the password, select further options, go to the next page, but at some point you can’t do anything more... You don’t have access to the full functionality of the application. Why?
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On-line accessibility following WCAG standards and its impact on…

Now is a perfect time for a thorough analysis of our online activities while taking into account a broader perspective than before. Implementing WCAG standards, created with users at risk of digital exclusion in mind, can be a great place to start.
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WCAG – why it is worth having an accessible…

Have you ever wondered how blind and disabled people use websites? Standard activities that we perform on a daily basis on the Internet are difficult or even completely inaccessible for people with disabilities. That is why WCAG criteria for digital services are crucial. Making a bank transfer, searching for information on official websites or making an online medical appointment lasts only a while, but only if the page is accessible. What does it mean in practice? This means that the site has the appropriate features that allow each user - including people with disabilities - to navigate.
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What is WCAG and how to meet compliance?

The Modern society is very computerized. We want to have access to our music, books or movies wherever we are, regardless whether we’re in dentist’s waiting room or on a bus. To satisfy this demand, private companies and public institutions offer their service on the Internet. Despite that, there are a lot of barriers in using the web for disabled or elderly people, preventing them from enjoying the benefits of Internet.
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New features in Java

A lot has changed in Java. A few years have passed since the release of its most popular version 8. All the time version 8 is the one that developers use most. What is the reason for this? After all, Java 13 have been already released.
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Proxy Product Owner role in software development nearshoring and…

Today it is an imperative to be able to quickly build and deliver innovative and advanced software products not only to keep the business growing, but simply functioning just above the tide. The business virtually always demands the increments of the products to be delivered as soon as possible for many obvious reasons. In order to do that software development companies can use an old as dirt concept of outsourcing a part of the work to contractors.
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Nearshoring – more opportunities for your business

The IT sector is one of the most dynamically evolving business industries. It is not only due to the technology it offers but also thanks to the wide range of services it is able to deliver to other businesses.
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How to build a professional development team in a…

The current trends in developing and supplying individual software for companies have significantly moved towards the model based on outsourcing. This is a very convenient solution, as the customer (the ordering company) does not have to support the whole team of IT engineers.
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FIDO – safer or more convenient?

We have been trying for a long time to devise safer and more effective ways of identifying a user than by using a login and a password. Along with the development of technologies such as fingerprint readers or retinal scanners, we can verify identity as well as with the use of a login with a password.
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The advantages of ”code review” – only for programmers?

Just a few years ago, code review was perceived more as some kind of curiosity or idealistic programming practice than an element contributing…
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How do I resource IT projects?

The rapid development and technological boom we have been experiencing in the last years has left many companies in desperate need of qualified…
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