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eSignature – how can it solve your business’s problems?

The growing popularity of electronic signatures has increased the pace. According to forecasts, this market will grow by an average of over 20% annually, reaching the value of nearly $7 billion in 2025. The market growth is one thing, but the question is: is this really worth our attention?
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Wojciech Wąsik
Chief Digital Officer

How to efficiently perform a digital transformation in your…

Digital transformation is becoming more and more present in nearly every business and indicating its presence by changes in work management and organisation style. Although we still hear the echoes of the discussion about the importance of all the fuss about digitalisation, more and more frequently we deliberate how to implement solutions to automate processes in our company.
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Internet of Things in energetics

The turn of XVIII and XIX century was undoubtedly a gold age of electrotechnology in human history. Many contributed to the success.
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Regression testing – who needs them and what to…

In IT environment people believe that regression testing is an unnecessary activity. All in all, when something has been checked once, it doesn't…
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Tester’s work fosters saving!

For unknown reason, there is a common conviction that testing in the software creation process is not a significant element of the project.…
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Theory vs. reality – what’s the deal with quality…

At a certain level, we all know the theory as it defines our experience, teaches processes and helps in technical discussions. But is…
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Front-end microservices

How to solve the problem with the organization of a web application when monolithic approach is not feasible? Why does server-side rendering deserve…
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