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17 April 2019
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Transition Technologies PSC's results in 2018

2018 was time full of challenges, new experiences, projects made for global brands, as well as dynamic development of the copartnership. Conscientious activities aiming at reaching the set goals and their realization made it possible for Transition Technologies PSC to be now proud of not only new implementations from the advanced technologies’ field, but mostly of closening and extending current partnerships.

Since the really beginning of their operation (the fourth quarter of 2016), the copartnership has recorder dynamic increase in sales of their own products and services, while the forecasts for the increase in revenue in 2019 are equally promising.

After 2018, the company has the revenue of over 68 million, and this result is connected with a constant reinforcement of key competences in the fields of: Augmented Reality, Industrial Internet of Things, Atlassian (software for project management, service desk, knowledge management) as well as in R&D Augmentation, which means running centers dedicated to software development supporting our clients’ R&D activities.

Transition Technologies PSC's results in 2018

All of that could not be achieved without experienced and devoted staff as well as without specialists who work in advanced technologies’ area on a daily basis, sharing their priceless knowledge and gaining more and more of it all the time. I would like to express my gratefulness for their work and involvement. Transition Technologies PSC is created by people, their competences and experience without which, achieving the company’s goals would be impossible.

In 2018, Transition Technologies hired 123 new employees, and 57 students completed vocational training. Advanced technologies’ area is characterized by the fact that companies have to actively win specialists over, not to stay behind. The same concerns out Copartnership, so as for 2019, we’re not going to slow down in this aspect.

Goals for 2019

There’s a really intensive year ahead of us, new challenges, realizations and projects. What is sure is that we want to keep the dynamic increase in selling our products and services – minimum 20-25% growth. We estimate that the company’s turnover in 2019 is going to be maintained at the level of 80MLN zloty’s and this is our minimum goal.

We are just facing significant decisions connected with opening Transition Technologies PSC’s offices in different parts of the world (the USA, Denmark, Germany, Taiwan). Foreign market is still our priority, although we also note advanced technologies’ development in Poland, and we also want to reinforce our business position here. That is why, at the beginning of the new year, we started activities connected with opening our new office in Poznań – Augmented Reality Competence Center.

We’ve been actively working in Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) area for many years and this is the field where we still observe a possibility to ‘run roughshod’. Extending our portfolio for service in this range as well as gaining another demanding projects is really important to us.

Undoubtedly, the area which we’re going to develop in this year – both in terms of the number of projects and people who are going to make them – is the Internet of Things (IoT). We can say straight away that IoT is going to be the area which will grow most dynamically for Transition Technologies PSC. This is somehow the reaction connected with IoT market which is not stuck in one place but is working and developing all the time.

To achieve all the above mentioned goals, we need well-qualified specialists. That is why in 2019 we are still focusing on increasing the staff by another 150 people.

I believe that our work involvement, experience and proactive approach to goals will allow us to go beyond the targets that we have set ourselves. That’s going to be a truly intensive and successful year!

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