On-line accessibility following WCAG standards and its impact on the company’s image.

Now is a perfect time for a thorough analysis of our online activities while taking into account a broader perspective than before. Implementing WCAG standards, created with users at risk of digital exclusion in mind, can be a great place to start.

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WCAG – why it is worth having an accessible…

Have you ever wondered how blind and disabled people use websites? Standard activities that we perform on a daily basis on the Internet are difficult or even completely inaccessible for people with disabilities. That is why WCAG criteria for digital services are crucial. Making a bank transfer, searching for information on official websites or making an online medical appointment lasts only a while, but only if the page is accessible. What does it mean in practice? This means that the site has the appropriate features that allow each user - including people with disabilities - to navigate.

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What is WCAG and how to meet compliance?

The Modern society is very computerized. We want to have access to our music, books or movies wherever we are, regardless whether we’re in dentist’s waiting room or on a bus. To satisfy this demand, private companies and public institutions offer their service on the Internet. Despite that, there are a lot of barriers in using the web for disabled or elderly people, preventing them from enjoying the benefits of Internet.

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