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Cost optimisation

The right use of the cloud enables making significant savings. Thanks to Cloud Native applications and using the serverless model you only pay for what you actually use. Computing capacity is activated in response to a specific event and you are only charged for its triggering.

No server management

When you choose the serverless model, it is the cloud provider that is responsible for server management. This means that when you prepare your system for operation, you don’t manage the infrastructure layer. Servers are activated based on your needs and you don’t need to spend hours on their configuration.

High availability

Applications designed according to the Cloud Native model are highly available by definition. They were developed so that in case of possible malfunctions they continue to operate. This makes your business resistant to unexpected occurrences while remaining open to Clients.

Scalable resources

You no longer need need to guess how much computing power or database capacity you need for your system to work. Serverless dynamically adjusts to your needs so you can be sure that your systems will never fail, and server capacity will always match the demand.

Quick deployment

In a traditional model the creation time depends mostly on the availability of the hardware and the administrator, who would prepare it for safe and efficient operation. In serverless you don’t need to worry either about hardware or the configuration. Servers are added in real time and you don’t waste your time on waiting.

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_Other services

Cloud strategy
Stay ahead of your competition by building and executing a cloud-based strategy tailored to your business’ needs.
Cloud Migration
Move your workloads to the cloud and see how your business moves ahead of your competition.
Cloud Security
Get access to safest data center solutions without the need to maintain costly infrastructure.
Cloud Disaster Recovery
Protect yourself from unforeseen factors and ensure that your systems are always available and operational.
Rapid PoC in the Cloud
We’ll help you quickly verify new ideas and their value to your business.
Cloud Managed Services
Ensure smooth and uninterrupted operation of your infrastructure with help of TTPSC experts.
DevOps as a Service
Reduce deployment time to the minimum and automate repetitive actions to improve your team productivity and save your organization time.
Administration and support for PTC systems
Trust experienced specialists from TTPSC and focus on the business benefits of Windchill and Thingworx instead of maintaining and managing systems.
Call center system for companies
A comprehensive software solution for service teams based on combining Jira Service Management (formerly: Jira Service Desk) with the AWS Connect solution.

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