Administration and cost optimisation

One of the key issues that we develop and support is to optimise the performance of our services and applications. We are working to speed up their operation, which significantly translates into the convenience of their use and communication with them. For eleven years now, our certified AWS administrators have been perfecting the tricky art of optimising mobile services and applications.

In order to reduce our own costs and those of our clients, we have created our own AWS infrastructure management portal. Thanks to this solution, the administration of resources is fully automated and clients who trusted us do not pay resources that they do not use.

As our clients’ experience shows, improving the performance of both services and applications translates into significant cost optimisation due to the increased number of users and the amount of time they spend on interacting with them.
Each optimisation process is preceded by a thorough analysis of the solution using the latest tools. The result of our work is a detailed report showing current issues and recommended solutions.

The scope of our analyses includes:

  • networks
  • number of processes
  • database load
  • source code
  • equipment load (including processors and RAM)