Big Data in the cloud

Big Data in the cloud

We have a dedicated Upgrade & Migration Team that has been involved in database migration for years. This allows us to plan and migrate data between physical or virtual servers and the public cloud.

Collection of data is just a part of the process. Every information is valuable only when it can be used for something. However, in order to do this, it must be analysed. This is what Big Data is used for. It works perfectly with the cloud. Its computing power is ideal for processing huge amounts of data. No computer or local server can guarantee such capabilities. In addition, this solution enables easy access to analyses, even for many users at the same time. That’s why Big Data and the cloud are the perfect combination.

Why is Big Data analysis important?

  • Cost savings. Big Data technologies such as Hadoop or cloud analytic services such as AWS,
    Redshift, Athena and Kinesis bring significant cost savings when storing large amounts of data. Additionally, they help to identify new and more effective ways of doing business.
  • Faster, more efficient decision-making. With the speed of Hadoop and the possibilities
    offered by cloud solutions, combined with the possibility of analysing new data sources, business is able to quickly analyse information and make better decisions based on the results of analyses.
  • New products and services. Thanks to the quick analysis of huge amounts of data, more and more
    companies are developing new products that even better meet the expectations of their customers.