Współpraca z Amazon Web Services - Transition Technologies PSC

Partnership with Amazon Web Services

We are a Polish company collaborating with the Amazon brand on a permanent basis. Among other things, we act as authorised vendors, thanks to which we can always offer cutting-edge solutions at the best prices.

Administracje / optymalizacja kosztów - Transition Technologies PSC

Administration and cost optimisation

One of the key issues that we develop and support is to optimise the performance of our services and applications. We are working to speed up their operation, which significantly translates into the convenience of their use and communication with them

Dedykowane aplikacje w chmurze - Transition Technologies PSC

Dedicated cloud applications

The Cloud is not just a data warehouse. Thanks to its performance and high computing power, it can become a carrier for finished applications.

Zarządzanie serwerami i bazami danych w chmurze - Transition Technologies PSC

Server and database management in the cloud

Infrastructure management is a major challenge that is not easy to address. Smooth business operation and security of the data stored in the cloud (administration of resources) depend on proper infrastructure management.

Narzędzia i praktyki DevOps - Transition Technologies PSC

DevOps tools and practices

DevOps is a relatively new term, used for the first time in Belgium in 2009 at the first DevOps Days conference. The original definition, i.e. the combination of development, operations and quality assurance, has evolved since then.

Big data w chmurze - Transition Technologies PSC

Big Data in the cloud

We have a dedicated Upgrade & Migration Team that has been involved in database migration for years. This allows us to plan and migrate data between physical or virtual servers and the public cloud.

Outsourcing zasobów ludzkich - Transition Technologies PSC

Outsourcing of Human Resources

Since we have an experienced team that proudly holds numerous certificates, we want to make the best use of their knowledge and skills. That is why we also offer outsourcing of human resources.