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ThingWorx The Industrial Internet of Things Platform

The ThingWorx platform is a complete, end-to-end technology platform designed for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). Improving the tools and technologies that enable companies to rapidly develop and deploy advanced applications and versions of reality (AR).

Thingworx Empowers Industrial Businesses

Connect – disparate devices and applications to enable access to multiple data sources

Build – complete industrial IoT solutions and AR experiences quickly and easily

Analyze – industrial IoT data for real-time insights, predictions and recommendations

Manage – performance of connected devices, processes, and systems

Experience – rapidly build engaging and compelling visual cross-device user experiences

Thingworx Kepware Server

Connectivity for Industrial Automation and the Internet of Things.
Key Benefits:

  • Offers a library of 150+ device and client drivers and advanced plug-ins—supporting thousands of devices and data sources
  • Provides industrial operations data to:
    • Traditional Industrial Automation clients (via OPC and proprietary protocols
    • New IoT solutions (via MQTT, AlwaysOnTMand IT-centric protocols)
  • Consistently awarded and validated by leading industry groups

The Key to Smart, connected operations and Smart, connected products .

Thingworx Foundation

Complete, end-to-end IoT technology platform that delivers the industry’s deepest functional capabilities, enabling IoT developers to develop, deploy and extend breakthrough, enterprise-ready IoT applications and augmented reality experiences.
Key Benefits:

  • Model-driven rapid application design enables developers to create, test, and deploy IoT solutions faster than ever before, speeding time to market
  • Applications built with ThingWorx Foundation are scalable, secure, and meet the needs of the largest of enterprises
  • The ThingModel enables a seamless developer experience by abstracting digital information and enabling the connection to all ThingWorx modules
  • Flexible connectivity options maximize market opportunity and minimize integration efforts
  • Live collaboration sessions enable more effective, context-aware communication among developers and analysts

Open platform empowers enterprises to maximize existing technology investments

Thingworx Navigate

Virtually all manufacturers grapple with controlling a disparate and disconnected environment of product lifecycle systems and processes.
Key Benefits:

  • Easy to use App built for non-expert users
  • List, search and sort Change Request review & Approve tasks
  • View Change Request details
  • Approve/Reject or Re-assign Change Request
  • Email notification
  • Configurable by Role

Thingworx Analytics

Integrated capability of the ThingWorx platform that enables developers to quickly and easily add real-time pattern and anomaly detection, predictive analytics, and contextualized recommendations to the solutions they build.
Key Benefits:

  • Simplicity
  • Powerful Modeling
  • Fast Development
  • Scalability

Thingworx Flow

The Source and Orchestrate framework for the ThingWorx platform.
Key Benefits:

  • Integrate cloud & on-premise systems with drag/drop ease
  • Intuitively wire together data orchestration flows:
    • Dramatically reduce time and effort to connect to and interact with enterprise systems
    • Reduce time to realize value from custom apps
    • Reduce cost to realize value
    • Boaden applications where value can be realized
  • Easily build connectors and reusable flow elements
  • Create variations more easily and quickly:
    • Reduce time and effort to build and maintain connectors
    • A broad set of roles can quickly understand and repurpose what others have built without the need to understand low-level code to extend value across groups

Transition From Axeda To Thingworx

We offer a complete and secure transfer from Axeda to ThingWorx
Key Informations:

  • Does NOT require a running ThingWorx Platform to perform export.
  • Does NOT migrate time series data such as DataItem values.
  • Does NOT migrate business logic such as Custom Objects, Expression Rules or anything related to the security model.
  • Does NOT migrate passwords for users when exported from an Axeda platform prior to the Dalton release.

Rockwell Automation Environment

Solutions and services that complement our product offering and maximize production throughout the automation lifecycle.

Factorytalk Innovationsuite

Provides the best of today’s IIoT, data analytics, AR and machine learning in one comprehensive solution. InnovationSuite brings together:
This comprehensive suite makes it easy for you to connect so you can improve operational insight across your business.

Factorytalk Production

Production is a scalable solution that helps manufacturers to balance these objectives with an automated method of managing orders in complex environments.

Factorytalk Quality

Supports your efforts to deliver a timely, quality product and to react quickly to quality issues. It also helps to minimize the number of applications you need because of its broad range of connectivity to data sources.
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