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ThingWorx Foundation TTPSC

What is ThingWorx Foundation?


A complete, comprehensive technology platform designed specifically for the Internet of Things.
As a basis for such solutions, it provides many built-in functionalities that accelerate the process of creating dedicated IoT solutions. Because the ThingWorx Platform was created specifically for the Internet of Things and for use in manufacturing applications, it has a set of necessary features and functionalities, such as flexibility, extensibility and ease of integration with other systems and devices.

Why us?

Transition Technologies PSC belongs to the Transition Technologies Capital Group which was established in 1991 and has been continuously expanding since then. Today we employ almost 2 000 experts who develop and create state-of-the-art solutions for businesses. We operate on three continents: Europe (Poland, Scandinavian countries, France, Germany and Ukraine), the USA and Asia (Taiwan, Japan). We are partnered with the largest suppliers in the IT industry, including Microsoft, Google, PTC, Atlassian, AWS Azure and Oracle.

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Our realizations:

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What is ThingWorx Foundation for?

ThingWorx Foundation is dedicated to developing scalable and safe IoT solutions. Regardless of whether you want to integrate data from devices, systems or data entered by users via dedicated screens – ThingWorx makes this easy. As a result, the time for putting the products into service is reduced, making them more attractive to end users.


Application examples:

IoT dla lotnisk TTPSC

How is the Internet of Things changing the aviation industry?

The Internet of Things is being used on an increasing scale and the solutions for optimising or gathering information are being utilised by global giants. All in order to streamline existing processes, acquire, process and report more data or even introduce new services for your customers, thereby increasing sales revenue. How does the Internet of Things change the reality of the aviation industry?

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IoT motor industry TTPSC

How is the Internet of Things helping develop the automotive industry?

Everyone knows that the automotive industry is inherently innovative. Cars are machines that have historically revolutionised many areas of industry, and today it is safe to say that the automotive industry is not resting on its laurels and is still focusing on technological development that is intended to serve private and business consumers.

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Why ThingWorx?



  • Connect everything – a remote device for your corporate system
  • Industrial protocol drivers supported by Kepware


  • Transform the physical into the digital using application visual modelling
  • All data – in motion, in use or at rest
  • Single Data Representation


  • Improve future performance and results through automation and simulation
  • Easily incorporate third-party simulation tools to enrich the digital twin

Orchestral Nature

  • Deploy anywhere
  • Asset and content management
  • Visual alert and workflow management rules


  • Enterprise-ready implementation architecture
  • Millions of connected devices


  • Create web and mobile apps without writing code
  • Provide AR industrial experiences thanks to asset and system data compiled in real time with Vuforia


  • Advanced device identity and transport safety
  • Platform identity management, including one-time login


Built for industrial innovation


Fast development and implementation of industrial applications and AR experiences


Agile and flexible


Wrap and expand existing technology


Expansive ecosystem

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