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Digital transformation is a concept that includes all tools that lead to the transfer of industrial production data to the digital domain. Due to this, their easier analysis can lead to increased efficiency, and thus, to greater competitiveness in an aggressive market.
FactoryTalk InnovationSuite powered by PTC includes a number of tools that facilitate the aggregation of data from many sources and, by comparing them and giving them a broad context, helps to find fields for optimization. At the heart of the Industry 4.0 innovation is the ThingWorx Internet of Things platform. ThingWorx allows to integrate data from countless software platforms, such as MES and ERP class packages or any other applications for production, order, warehouse or maintenance management, as well as data directly from automation devices such as sensors, PLC controllers or SCADA applications.

Industrial connectivity for digital transformation?

New technologies are often difficult to implement, work only with devices of selected manufacturers or only those recently purchased, which may require large investments. However, this is not the case with FactoryTalk InnovationSuite powered by PTC. Due to native integration with the market-leading OPC UA server - KEPServerEX from KEPWare (part of the PTC group), Thingworx will easily collect data even from much older automation devices. Thanks to the impressive (and still expanding) collection of dedicated communication drivers for the automation devices of all leading manufacturers and communication protocols, ThingWorx can easily collect data from both newer and older devices, ensuring full visibility without blind spots.

The OPC UA protocol itself, called the language of Industry 4.0, provides fast, reliable and highly secure transmission of process data from countless sources. Its configuration is extremely intuitive and will allow you - within a few seconds - to redirect data from automation devices to the IIoT ThingWorx platform or any Historian class server and between machines (M2M) - also to each of these at the same time.
Once we aggregate data on all stages of production from various sources, the ThingWorx platform will allow us to easily configure our preferred ways of analyzing this data, without requiring programming skills from the user. We can configure algorithms for calculating any KPIs at any time to help us assess efficiency, availability, efficiency, freely definable OEE or MTBF, MTTR, MTFR, and others to measure and compare aspects of machine and production line operation.

Why us?

For over 27 years of Transition Technologies' activity on the market of software for industry, we have gathered experience and many references. As TT PSC, we have been a partner of the American company PTC for over 15 years - the undisputed leader of IoT solutions for industry - for which we are not only an integrator, but also a center of competence and R&D of products. Our competence is confirmed by the status of PTC partner, as well as by partnership with Rockwell Automation. We have a portfolio of many successful IoT and AR implementations for industry around the world.

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Speed up digital transformation

ThingWorx, being primarily a platform for building the Internet of Things application, immediately after installation may already offer functionalities that will prove sufficient for some customers. It allows to connect machines and analyze their work immediately, without additional expenditure of time and work, count basic KPIs or even easily configure notifications by e-mail or SMS in the event of specific circumstances or breakdowns. All this comes from a set of ready "accelerators" for building applications - readable screens, which in the case of larger requirements can be adapted to the specific requirements of users. Available modules include:

Asset Advisor

A set of methods and screens allowing easy access to the current and historical operating status of individual devices, machines and lines. An intuitive tool for adding more machines, configuring measured parameters, alerts (including notifications sent to mobile devices or email), along with graphs of measurement progress and the machine status histogram over time, allows to easily track production disruptions, emergency downtime, or load on individual machines. It is a set of tools for the machine park administrator, thanks to which he has - in one place and in a friendly form - all the data necessary for activities aimed at improving the efficiency and quality of the plant's work.

Production Advisor

Production Advisor are mechanisms and screens dedicated to production managers. Here, in a condensed but readable form, they will gain insight not only into the current state of the machine's work, its lifeline also in the past, but also important KPIs such as availability, efficiency, quality and OEE. Due to easy access to current and historical data on the status and operation indicators, management can more easily make strategic decisions leading to better use of machinery, detection of weak links and bottlenecks of production, or even loading of machines and lines, and - as a consequence - to improving economic and quality indicators production.

Control Advisor

Control Advisor is a set of mechanisms and screens dedicated to engineers supervising communication and data flow in industrial networks. Here, in one place, they will find logs downloaded from connected machines, along with the current state of connections or their history. One place where you can intuitively manage and diagnose connections with operational data sources.

Operator Advisor

Operator Advisor provides machine and line operators with data and instructions adequate to the current job. Due to this, in a way precisely dedicated to the currently performed task, the operator has all the necessary data, regardless of the sources they come from. BOMs, changeover and operation instructions, inventory, performance and quality indicators, data from ERP, MES, QMS, PLM and CMMS platforms, current data from the machine and the line...all this aggregated and filtered to give - in a friendly form - exactly only the information necessary for the operator's fast, efficient and accurate work.

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