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Upgrading a PLM system is giving sleepless nights to many companies, evoking associations of disturbances in work, risk of data loss and overall chaos across the organization. It does not have to be that way, if you let an experience partner handle this.
Our vast business knowledge, with many years of hands-on experience and technical background, allows us to professionally advise our customers on how to properly manage and maintain enterprise systems. We specialize in complex deployments of Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) systems, our services ranging from implementation, through configuration, upgrades, migrations and post-deployment support. Our experts have been delivering projects for our customers and business partners from all over the world for years.

Our experience is well documented and supported by references. In 2013 we created an Upgrade & Migration unit, which we continuously develop. This unit specializes in the process of upgrading PLM systems and migrating data to them, including defining strategies and requirements.
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10 years of experience


Over 80 U&M projects delivered


22 U&M experts


Official PTC Partner


Competitive pricing


In the PLM realm software development experts usually worked in streams, such as customizing software, system integrations and data migrations, to name a few.

We realized that high specialization instead of using cross-domain teams brings great value to customers, which the PLM market quickly confirmed. It was then that we decided to create a business unit called Upgrade&Migration Centre, which allows us to use our existing knowledge and helps our partners and customers in this specific area.
Szymon Bartkowiak CEO PSC

Szymon Bartkowiak


_Upgrading a PLM system – value

Improved system performance

New functionalities

Enhanced security

Bug fixes

Modern, more intuitive interface

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_PTC Windchill upgrade – trust our knowledge and experience

As a long-time PTC Partner we are highly qualified in services related to Windchill.

Our Upgrade&Migration team specializes in:

Updating all available versions: Windchill 8, 9, 10, 11.

Upgrading Windchill system components:

Workgroup Managers (WGM)| File servers| Visualization Servers| Others

Upgrade customizations

Supporting infrastructure upgrades

(operating systems, databases, web servers, client applications, etc.)

Read more in our guide to upgrading a Windchill 10.x system.

Read more
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Windchill 12 upgrade services

Don’t risk losing PLM functionality, reliability and efficiency. Download our most recent brochure about upgrading Windchill system.

_PLM Upgrade – step by step:

Upgrade PLM TT PSC steps
  • Discovery
  • Planning
  • Test Upgrades
  • Rehearsal
  • Production Upgrade (Go-Live)
  • Post-Upgrade Support



Before planning the upgrade, we begin by acquiring crucial information about a system and understanding the current state of the PLM environment. This allows us to define requirements and identify elements which will require increased attention, for example customizations. During this phase we ask you to fill a questionnaire which allows us to gather key information for further activities. A 1-3-hour meeting with personnel responsible for managing a PLM instance is sometimes also necessary to understand details. We approach each project phase individually, offering professional support of our experts.



During this phase we run activities allowing us to prepare for performing the actual upgrade process. These activities include:

  • team mobilization and securing access to resources
  • infrastructure preparation
  • software and license preparation.

To ensure full data security and safety we have implemented backup procedures. The project’s schedule is always set up to minimize the impact of the process on our customers’ organizations. We also offer support in planning and performing customization upgrades.


Test Upgrades

Using a backup copy of the production environment we perform test upgrades. This phase allows us to identify and resolve system issues related, for example, with data quality. In most cases we suggest executing additional test iterations, which allow us to eliminate all previously unidentified issues. This methodology enables verification of defined processes. As a result, all data from the source system should be successfully moved to the new version and the process should be confirmed.



Performing a final test on the latest backup copy of the production system aims at validating the entire process based on a new set of data to identify and eliminate any new issues and ensuring a smooth production deployment.


Production Upgrade (Go-Live)

Upgrading the production system and first startup of the new version are usually performed outside of standard working hours, for example during the weekend. This phase requires very close cooperation with your IT department.


Post-Upgrade Support

Some issues do not surface during testing, regardless of how thorough it is. Our System Administrators and ETL experts will remain at your service after completing the production system deployment to address any such situation. We will also work proactively with your IT department to define capabilities of process optimization in your new system version. During this phase we solve all issues with data quality, performance and functionality. We offer full support in the form of a helpdesk service or directly on-site.

_Why Transition Technologies PSC?

You can trust us

Transition Technologies PSC is the part of Transition Technologies Group which is operating since 1991, constantly expanding its structures. TT PSC is a team of specialists in the field of PLM, Cloud solutions, Internet of Things, Augmented Reality and nearshoring. We are the strategic PTC partner. Are you looking for the experienced company to support you in a PLM upgrade and guide through the entire process? Contact us.


professionals in Transition Technologies PSC


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_Our Story

16 years of cooperation with PTC in the field of project delivery as well as research and development activities, with the focus on constant delivery of the highest quality products, makes us the main solutions center for larger PTC programs.
Starting with PLM, through Service Lifecycle Management (SLM), Application Lifecycle Management (ALM services), Product and Material Compliance, to Internet of Things (IoT) and Augmented Reality (AR), our work has been awarded as the best in our field on numerous occasions. We are the best in class while maintaining attractive pricing for our customers.
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_They trusted us

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The Transition Technologies PSC team showed an exceptional level of commitment to delivering quality service while respecting timelines.

They went above and beyond our expectations in the way they responded immediately to all our requests and advised us how to resolve effectively any arising technical issues. We have been pleased to experience firsthand TT PSC’s technology expertise that assured the quality of service required to successfully implement this project.

Robert Wolf

Head of Process Management Engineering Processes

Robert Wolf
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By partnering with Transition Technologies PSC (TT PSC), we have found a company that meets our high standards for data migration.

Considering the complexity of our existing data sets, asking the right questions to ensure they are assessed accurately with the necessary understanding is essential. We are confident that TT PSC, with their standardized approach, years of experience in digital transformation and data migration for global companies, will deliver on these requirements.

Peter Teckentrup

Head of IT - Product Lifecycle Management, Lufthansa Technik AG

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TT knows PTC Windchill inside and out.

Their extensive knowledge of this highly configurable product has been instrumental in our ability to integrate. By relying on TT's knowledge and experience, we have dramatically increased our development speed and made this challenging integration a reality. As individuals, TT are kind, professional, and great to work with. Thanks TT!

Andrew Hircock

Director Product Management, Assent Compliance

Andrew Hircock
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TT PSC specialists demonstrated high commitment, professionalism and responsiveness.

Moreover, their specialist and broad knowledge allowed them to quickly complete tasks. We recommend TT PSC as a strong and reliable partner in the IT industry.

Mariusz K. Pyrcik

Business Manager Field Engineering – Eastern Europe & Middle East

Mariusz K Pyrcik UL
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Transition Technologies PSC is a strong OneSpan partner,

which shows not only its full involvement, but also responsibility for entrusted tasks, as well as great professionalism.

Sylvain Masounave

Global VP of Engineering and Operations at OneSpan

Sylvain Masounave

_Looking for other services?

Check out the other PLM services that we have in our range.

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Effective implementation of a PLM system, in accordance with proven methodologies developed with numerous projects implemented worldwide.
Data Migration
Over the years, our data migration team has successfully completed dozens of projects for some of the largest companies in Europe, United States and Asia. Our services include: planning and implementation of migration projects and supervision over data quality and security.
Our experts have been configuring and implementing integrations of corporate systems with Windchill PLM for years. Our integration solutions and services are completely comprehensive.
PLM Testing
We offer professional services for quality assurance and testing of Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) systems. With our experience, you will reduce testing costs and time to market.
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Take your PLM system to the next level with environments that automatically adapt to your needs. Benefit from migration to the most advanced infrastructure and automation solutions that will ensure security and accessibility of your company’s data.
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Redefine software with PTC RV&S – one of the best application life cycle management tools on the mar-ket. We support customers at every step of RV&S implementation, including custom extension development.


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