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The most common problems with service management:

  • High costs of servicing orders;
  • Exceeding the deadlines and consequent contractual penalties;
  • Underestimation of costs and spare parts delivery time;
  • Lack of dedicated product knowledge;
  • High costs of distributing paper documentation.

Have you noticed such difficulties in the functioning of your company? You can effectively solve them by implementing the Service Lifecycle Management (SLM) concept.

Service Lifecycle Management (SLM)
What is Service Lifecycle Management?

Service Lifecycle Management (SLM) is a set of practices, processes, and tools that facilitates information and technical documentation management for after-sales product support.

PTC’s Windchill solutions:

Service Lifecycle Management (SLM) tool

PTC products facilitate the management of design, production and also after-sales processes, which are becoming more important in terms of customer service. The combination of Windchill SIM/SP, CREO Illustrate and Arbortext Content Delivery enables collecting all key project and production data in one place, which significantly improves the work of service departments.

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Improved KPI’s

by quick creation and easy management of service documentation

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Elimination of errors and improvement of quality

by keeping service documentation up-to-date with product changes and an integrated change management process.

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Time saving

due to the possibility of reusing once created texts, illustrations, and translations.

Reduction of service costs

thanks to the system that enables more precise planning of service technicians' work and more efficient process management.

Simplification of the processes

resulting from the implementation of various forms of service information (service manuals, training documents, AR). Acceleration of access to product data thanks to advanced filtering capabilities.

Downtime reduction

and streamlined workflows by simultaneous updates to both engineering and service documentation.

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Our Service Lifecycle Management (SLM) offering:

As part of the SLM implementation, we deliver the following components: We build SLM solutions based on the following components:

Windchill Service Information Manager:

Windchill Service Information Manager is a module for creating and managing text and graphic service documentation via XML DITA:

  • Supports reusability of content, chapters,2D and 3D illustrations,
  • Facilitates translations,
  • Supports the connection between the service information, the Parts and BOM,
  • serves as a data source for both paper (PDF) and electronic (web) documentation via Arbotext Content Delivery,
  • Combines the product change process with documentation changes.
Transformation of source data to user or service instructions
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Windchill Service Parts

Windchill Service Parts is a module for creating data catalog cards:

  • Automates creating of illustrations based on CAD documents,
  • Combines the process of changing service parts lists with changes in the product,
  • Facilitates the creation and management of sBOM (Service BOM),
  • Supports the management of substitute and alternate parts.
The process of transforming source into an illustrated product card.
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Arbortext Content Delivery

Arbortext Content Delivery (previously InService) – an application that allows to view and search service documentation.

  • Facilitates access to text information, datasheets catalogs, 2D and 3D graphics, PDF documents, and attachments,
  • It enables interaction with 3D illustrations (rotation, zooming) while managing the relations between items on the Parts List and related parts on the illustration.
Arbortext Editor

Arbortext Editor is a text editor compatible with XML documents, and in the service context with XML DITA.

  • It integrates with the Windchill SIM module, which stores and processes documents.
Arbortext Publishing Engine

Arbortext Publishing Engine is a tool for transforming SIM/SP documentation into formats available to the end-user (paper/pdf and Arbortext Content Delivery).

  • It allows adjusting PDF styling to customer’s requirements through templates.
Creo Illustrate

Creo Illustrate application for creating 2D and 3D illustrations based on CAD documents.

  • Creo Illustrate can be used standalone or integrated with Windchill Service Parts to unlock its potential.
  • Helps to manage relations between parts, cad documents, and illustrations.

Our Story - PTC Solution Center Access Program

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20 years of cooperation with PTC in the field of project delivery as well as research and development activities, with the focus on constant delivery of the highest quality products, makes us the main solutions center for larger PTC programs.

Starting with PLM, through Service Lifecycle Management (SLM), Application Lifecycle Management (ALM), Product and Material Compliance, to Internet of Things (IoT) and Augmented Reality (AR), our work has been awarded as the best in our field on numerous occasions. We are the best in class while maintaining attractive pricing for our customers.

Why us

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15 years of experience

Over 1000 PLM projects completed

PTC certified partner

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Comprehensive service of PTC products: IoT, PLM, SLM, AR, ALM.

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