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Safety First

Your safety is paramount. That is why we put special emphasis on security during the development of our software. We have developed our internal security standards and procedures which are included in the Information Security Policy and Safe Work Policy and which all our employees comply with.

Quality impacts

Writing clean code is important, as it impacts the overall software quality. High-quality code can be easily reused and extended; low-quality code doesn’t last. Code that is highly readable, consistent and well documented is easier to review, also benefits a great deal in terms of testability and robustness.

High standards

ISO- We are compliant with ISO27001 that is a part of Integrated System of Management.
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Comprehensive operation

Our security and quality of code measures apply to all language technologies we use.
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Confidence and experience in code quality and security

Code Quality and Security TT PSC

Thanks to the experience gained during cooperation with companies from industries such as Cybersecuirty, Finance, etc., we have developed practices currently used as standard in our projects.

  • Coding Guidelines for our developers (including security aspects)
  • Common toolset used during the complete development & testing processe
  • Standard set of technologies on which our implementation is based
  • You don’t have to worry about the repository, project tracking tools, continuous integration or hosting because we have everything in place
  • Methodology and rules – by default we work with increments in SCRUM methodology. Our Product Owner and Scrum Master are ready to work for you.
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North America

Nate Taylor TT PSC

Nate Taylor

Director of Sales

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Andreas Kratz TT PSC

Andreas Kratz

Business Development Manager

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Candy Chao TT PSC

Candy Chao

Head of TTPSC Asia

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Mohamed Ennassiri TT PSC

Mohamed Ennassiri

Business Development Manager

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Radosław Kowalczyk TT PSC

Radosław Kowalczyk

Strategic Customers Manager

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We are proud

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CEH - Certified Ethical Haker

Our team has a Certified Ethical Hackers and we are happy to conduct a security audit in this area for your business.

Certified ethical hackers have proven theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of security and hacking attacks. The CEH certificate is an internationally recognized document confirming the skills and hence a great focus on code quality and security.

We build better product with software audit

After making the software for you, we can conduct an audit so that you can be sure that the project we have completed is fully functional and safe.Ask for audit
Code Quality and Security TT PSC

Download the guide

“Hacker attacks in the era of coronavirus. 10 steps how to protect your business?”

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Knowledge is power. That is why we focus on the continuous development of our engineers on all levels of their career.


Maciej Pilichowski

Senior Delivery Manager

Maciej Pilichowski TT PSC

We are a partner of

Atlassian Synopsys dynatrace logo

and official reseller of Black Duck in Poland

Black Duck provides an end-to-end software content analysis (SCA) solution, managing the security, quality and license compliance risks that arise from the use of open source and third party code in applications and software.
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We work for

  • Finance
  • E-commerce
  • Cybersecurity Companies
  • Travel
  • Gaming

We Offer

Do You need modern software solutions? There we are!

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Modern Web & Desktop Applications + Cloud native apps

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Mobile Applications

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UX/UI Accessibility Design

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Security, Quality & DevOps

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Software prototyping

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We are flexible and helpful

We are able to apply the standards of clients who have specific expectations, but also to those outside IT we offer a complete approach to project management.

Feel free to download the document with the stages of the software development process


We are responsible

Code quality and security depends primarily on the appropriate team and specialists who create the software. In our projects we focus on the verification of our employees, their knowledge and skills.

In dedicated solutions background screening of employee includes:

  • Resume/CV verification
  • Employment verification
  • Reference checks (two people in supervisory function)
  • Education verification
  • International security check

How do we work?

All TTPSC internal systems are compliant with Information Security Policy, Safe Work Policy and our internal regulations that describe aspects like data categorization, employee responsibility, data encryption, receiving and returning equipment.

Constantly developing in code quality and security

We have implemented training for all employees and take part in the following trainings and courses:

Trainings for architects
Security training (CEH)
Code quality training
Training in soft skills

Our event

devforge logo
We support IT specialists and young programming adepts in development thanks to the Dev Forge conference organized by us. We organize conferences in 5 cities: Zielona Góra, Łódź, Poznań, Białystok, Kielce.More

Evangelists are on the board

They are responsible for the development of our employees and setting new trends.

Dominik Stawicki TT PSC
Dominik Stawicki
Rafał Kotusiewicz TT PSC
Rafał Kotusiewicz
Piotr Kończak TT PSC
Piotr Kończak
Bartosz Kasjaniuk TT PSC
Bartosz Kasjaniuk
Kamil Stradyniak TT PSC
Kamil Stadryniak

4 ways to work with us

Managed Services

We cooperate with over 1500 IT experts, whose knowledge and experience you can benefit from.


Software Outsourcing

You have no IT team, but you need to implement or develop dedicated software for your business?


Software dedicated team

When you need to quickly organise a team of experts dedicated to your IT project.


It staff augmentation

Are you looking for a professional to complement your team with missing competences?


Do you have any questions about code quality and security for your software or want to ask for audit?

Let’s talk about your needs

Małgorzata Koziej TT PSC

Małgorzata Koziej

Business Development Manager

Maciej Pilichowski TT PSC

Maciej Pilichowski

Senior Delivery Manager



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Thanks to the support and commitment of the entire audit team, it was possible to solve all the problems and repair the critical elements of our system in a short time. The knowledge and experience of TT PSC experts in the field of security are at the highest level, which is reflected in our satisfaction with the cooperation.

Marc Beneteau

Marc Beneteau, PMP

Senior Project Manager


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