_Digital Thread Transformation: PLM Carve-Out & Windchill Integration




  • Process integration
  • Change management




  • Windchill efficiency
  • CAD and PLM integration


In a demanding and time-critical project, we successfully supported an international company from the aviation industry in replacing the existing PLM system Axalant with Windchill. In addition to the process transfer, we realised a carve-out of the data and thus removed the data from the corporate environment. 

Business challenge

  • High time pressure for the system change due to the company leaving the group.
  • High requirements for auditing and EASA audited processes that the system must be able to map.
  • Delimited information and processes through departmental silos should be dismantled.
  • A basis for the future digital strategy should be created that offers possibilities for connection to other systems.

Our solution

  • Linked change and release management: All relevant data is managed in an integrated change and release process.
  • Direct connection from CAD (Creo) to Windchill: Designers can link CAD models directly to Windchill for efficient collaboration and version control.
  • Uniform database: All departments have access to a uniform database that includes design data and related documents.
  • Basis for ERP and MES integration: The introduction of Windchill lays the foundation for a future connection to an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Manufacturing Execution System (MES).

Main results and advantages

  • A basis for digital, cross-departmental change management as process optimization was created.
  • The lean transfer of the CAD design to the PLM system through direct CAD integration is implemented.
  • Increased transparency through structured versioning of material masters, documents and CAD designs and their linking in the PLM system
  • With the introduction of Windchill, the basis for ERP and MES integration was created, enabling seamless integration of the processes.

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