_ SkillWorx Assisted Worker

Invite a professional to your virtual room

_ What is SkillWorx Assisted Worker?

Meet anytime and anywhere you want!

SkillWorx Assisted Worker allows for direct cooperation with customers and other professionals. All it takes is to invite them to your own virtual “room”. Colleagues, partners, and customers, no matter where they are, can meet you through a tool which combines audio and video broadcast. SkillWorx Assisted Worker by Hewlett Packard Enterprise facilitates cooperation through modern see-what-you-see interaction.

Others can see what you see!

Reduce the frequency and expense of business trips in an effective and risk-free manner, giving professionals, colleagues, and customers unlimited access to what you want to present. Leverage wearable equipment to show them exactly what you see. Use SkillWorx Assisted Worker and let the innovative virtual sessions carry your business to the top in a hands-free manner.

_ What is involved?

Access to two five-person capacity virtual rooms that allow for many to many conversations.
Registration of one mobile (Android, iOS or RealWear Navigator) streaming device for 90 days.

_ Download free SkillWorx Assisted Worker data

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North America

Nate Taylor TT PSC

Nate Taylor

Director of Sales



 Andreas Kratz TT PSC

Andreas Kratz

Head of Business Development & Sales in DACH



Candy Chao TT PSC

Candy Chao

Head of TT PSC Asia



Ernesto Martins TT PSC

Ernesto Martins

Sales Director for Western Europe



Daniel Chwaszczewski, Transition Technologies PSC, Cloud computing

Daniel Chwaszczewski

Competence Center Director



Nir Brav Bussiness TT PSC

Nir Brav

Bussiness Development Manager



Filip Kolasa TT PSC

Filip Kolasa

Business Development Manager


_ Application areas of SkillWorx Assisted Worker

Efficient assembly

Smart service and repairs

Information exchange

Contact with a remote professional

Introduction of new employees


_ Benefits of SkillWorx Assisted Worker

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Savings resulting from fewer business trips

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Time-saving and efficiency increase

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Immediate results thanks to cloud technology

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More effective work

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Connection secured with aes 256-bit code

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Cooperation in motion - excellent quality

Let your customer save time and money repairing their equipment with remote support of the best professionals. Reduce the waiting time of their arrival.

Igal Gurevich Software product manager, HP Indigo Print Care

Social Innovation Relay’s partnership with SkillWorx Assisted Worker is a success story. Using SkillWorx Assisted Worker made this the first competition where we had cross-border e-mentoring enabling us to get more students involved.

Roxana Stefanescu Senior project manager, Junior Achievers – Young Entrepreneurs

_ Plan the development of your company with SkillWorx Assisted Worker

Use the full potential of your company with SkillWorx Assisted Worker

Make use of your resources more effectively. Waste no more of your best employees’ time for travelling. Let them focus on creative work without sacrificing or limiting their cooperation with other staff from all over the world.

Wide offer and compatible equipment from SkillWorx Assisted Worker

SkillWorx Assisted Worker provides a variety of packages adjusted to the needs of various organisations, regardless of how large or advanced they are. The package can be easily extended along with your company’s development. The ready solution is compatible with various equipment. The team of industrial software experts from TT PSC will help you choose equipment relevant for cost optimisation and your own needs.

_ Why SkillWorx Assisted Worker by Transition Technologies PSC?

Trust our experience!

Our specialists create advanced technologies on a daily basis, which makes them react to current changes on the market faster and better. We have experience in cooperation with the biggest brands, supporting them in IoT, AR, PLM or nearshoring areas. We understand specification of different businesses and get down to work immediately. AR solutions developed by our experts make specialists’ work significantly faster, reduce or remove current problems that companies face.

If you are interested in cooperation with Transition Technologies PSC and want to try SkillWorx Assisted Worker out in your company, you need to fill in a contact form!

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