Vol.2/3: Take the first steps on your way to Smart Factory in AWS – achieve the first value

The best way to ensure business growth in the digital age is to harness the potential of new technologies. For this purpose, top business leaders are using digital transformation to find new opportunities, business models, make changes in their organization and bring new level of value to them. Most of them are aware of the challenges associated with such a colossal change in an organization.

The main challenges faced by organizations on their journey towards Smart Factory are:

Companies tend to face obstacles that include employees’ reluctance and their concerns about changing the status quo (or about the fact that they will be eventually replaced by technology), a lack of a sufficiently experienced in-house IT, or a poor plan to implement the necessary changes. Reinforcing your digital adoption strategy, supported by the right cloud strategy, gives you the chance to achieve the expected return on investment.

Before we move on, let’s start with a short summary of the first article on Smart Factory (in AWS). We presented a big picture of this idea, its origin and importance in today’s fast-changing world. Then, you could learn how to approach digital transformation, how to start the Industry 4.0 journey. Digital transformation is also a change in the organization that needs to be prepared for. And following best practices, we advised to do so in small steps. What you should do is start from analysis and ROI of your business assumptions of the first business case, then implement them and enjoy all the benefits of accomplishing the first MVP (Minimal Viable Product). All steps should follow the Smart Factory roadmap.

Now, equipped with basic knowledge, you are ready to safely get on your way. Have no fear; we will guide you all the way.

For those who didn’t have a chance or missed the first introductory article on the subject, feel free to read First Steps with Smart Factory before reading the second article.


How to get closer towards Industry 4.0?

This is only a tiny piece of the entire prepared article. Don’t worry; there’s a simple way to see the remaining part.
So, if you would like to know more about:

  • Preparation your employees for what may come on the road towards Industry 4.0;
  • Identifying and prioritizing use cases and getting ready for implementation;
  • Finding and gathering all stakeholders;
  • How to work with the roadmap (main areas introduced in the first article);
  • How to approach the “implementation” stage;
  • What to expect after the implementation of the first MVP;

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