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We support businesses in digital transformation!

We are experts in this field, and our knowledge and experience let us spread the idea of constant technological development. We get our partners to the next level through comprehensive action and professional advice in the areas of Augmented Reality (AR), the Internet of Things (IoT), Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), R&D Augmentation, Cloud solutions and Atlassian brand products.

We are partnered with the largest suppliers in the IT industry, including Microsoft, Google, PTC, Atlassian, AWS, Azure.

We operate globally!

Transition Technologies PSC belongs to the Transition Technologies Capital Group which was established in 1991 and has been continuously expanding since then. Today we employ almost 2000 experts who develop and create state-of-the-art solutions for businesses. We operate on three continents: Europe (Poland, Scandinavian countries, France, Germany and Ukraine), the USA and Asia (Taiwan, Japan). We know and understand the needs of many industries, and we support our global partners not only in introducing new technologies, but also in defining challenges and in effective management of the digital transformation process.

_What do we do?

Industrial Internet of Things

Connecting products, factories, systems, processes and people is here; do not fall behind. Expertise in the execution of driving success through connected assets, data retrieval, machine learning, and optimization.


Mixed, Assisted & Augmented Reality

By creating a Mixed, Assisted or Augmented Reality, our global teams connect your digital & physical data and cutting-edge wearable devices. Efficient in driving results for field service technicians, sales, and customer services operating remotely or in the field.


Product Lifecycle Management

Utilizing a global, multi-awarded PLM solution from PTC, our vast and universally located resources can configure, customize, and connect PTC’s solution to fit any size of an implementation that will align to your business needs.


Remote expert

Remote Expert will capture current tribal process and product knowledge for future training. Eliminate costly ramp up time, increase efficiency and delivery for new employees. With the real time visual assistance feature, your users can eliminate costly errors.


Platinum Partner Atlassian

With Atlassian’s superior ease of use, efficient project management, industry- leading work organization, and task time optimization, we provide your employees the tools to meet sensitive deadlines.


Nearshoring & Offshoring

With customer cooperation, agility, and instant access as a standard, our partners can take on any project with confidence utilizing our R&D department. Acting as an extension to your vital team, we can adjust to your existing infrastructure to support your needs.


Cloud Solutions

Our organization thrives in the Cloud. Bringing a team who develops Cloud solutions and migrations with AWS, Azure and GCP specialists will add an alternative set of competencies to our exceptional resources.


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TTPSC Radoslaw Kowalczyk
Radosław Kowalczyk

Strategic Customers Manager

North America
TTPSC Nate Taylor
Nate Taylor

Director of Sales

TTPSC Candy Chao
Candy Chao

Team Leader

Digital transition, or transformation, has multi-department benefits within organizations. Therefore, validation of the technical and business requirements from all departments becomes extremely important as digital processes become an everyday reality.

Nate Taylor

Director of Sales, North America

Nate Taylor TT PSC




digital transition – Transition Technologies PSC

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Transition Technologies PSC kreuje świat nowoczesnych technologii, dlatego szukamy ludzi, którzy chcą zmieniać z nami rzeczywistość. Szukamy ludzi z pasją, zaangażowaniem i otwartym umysłem – wierzymy, że tylko takie osoby poradzą sobie z potrzebami największych światowych marek.
Poszukujemy specjalistów i ekspertów w różnych obszarach, ponieważ dostarczamy naszym klientom kompleksowe usługi oraz rozwiązania. Możesz być pewny, że z nami rozwiniesz swoje umiejętności i nigdy nie będziesz stać w miejscu.

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The world of modern technologies is constantly developing and we try to demonstrate in which areas it does so, in a straightforward manner.

Visit our blog to find articles on the areas in which we actively operate (Augmented Reality, the Internet of Things, PLM, Cloud Outsourcing and Atlassian), news from the IT world and worthwhile IT events where you will find the Transition Technologies PSC team. Get to know our experts and stay up to date with our articles!

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