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digital transition – Transition Technologies PSC

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We support business in digital transformation!

We are experts in this field, and we use our knowledge and experience to spread the idea of constant technological advancement. We take our business partners to a higher level through complex actions and professional advisory in many aspects of Augmented Reality (AR), Internet of Things (IoT), Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), R&D Augmentation, Cloud solutions or products by Atlassian.

We are partners of the biggest providers from IT field, such as: Microsoft, Google, PTC, Atlassian, AWS Azure, or Oracle.

We go global!

Transition Technologies PSC copartnership belongs to Transition Technologies Capital Group which has been operating since 1991, and still developing its structure. These days, we hire almost 2000 specialists who are developing, but also creating modern solutions for business. We are located in three continents- in Europe (Poland, Scandinavian countries, France, Germany, Ukraine), the United States of America and Asia (Taiwan, Japan). We know and understand the needs of different kinds of business, and we support our clients not only in the scope of implementing advanced technologies, but also in defining challenges and effective management of digital transformation process.

_What do we do?

The Internet
of Things

Industry 4.0 is becoming a fact. We implement M2M projects (Machine to Machine) and IoT (Internet of Things), focusing on collecting new data, machine learning, process prediction, optimization of activities and preventive maintenance.


We complete the concept of the Internet of Things with solutions from Augmented Reality to use data’s value better and present it appropriately to users, service men, salesmen, including workshops, manuals or product presentations.

Product Lifecycle

We use PTC’s products which are used all over the world. We can customize those universal tools to individual needs of every business, and our experience allows for active support given to our partners at all the stages of a project.


Instant Remote Expert function enables remote assistance in see-what-you-see technology. Intuitive insight in operational parameters allows for a better situation analysis.

Atlassian Platinum
Solution Partner

We provide our partners with increase in efficiency, and their employees with convenient work tools. Atlassian’s software is mostly easier and more effective project management, therefore, a better work organization and task work time optimization.

R&D Augmentation &

Our partners are offered a possibility of immediate and safe extension of internal R&D department’s capability, owing to our experienced specialists’ support. We adjust to the existing infrastructure and internal processes as well as we believe that cooperation works better than standard outsourcing.

Cloud – Cloud

We are public Cloud enthusiasts and experts in Poland. Our certified AWS specialists help in complete or partial migration to the cloud as well as in developing new solutions based on public cloud.

Digital transformation is (r)evolution of not only companies, but also of their processes, competences, business or organizational models. Those are the changes which are crucial in the full use of new technological possibilities. The above mentioned development focuses on capability to be more agile, is concentrated on people, innovative and aware of clients’ needs. Changes take place in a wide scope and fast pace, and the challenge for companies is to keep up and not to be left behind.

Radosław Kowalczyk

Strategic Customers Manager – Transition Technologies PSC

Radosław Kowalczyk



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_Case studies

Our employees are developing along with our Partners, trying together to create solutions both remarkable as for quality, and optimal in cost. We do our best to advise our clients innovatively so that the benefits coming from software implementation were as great as possible.

We provide software services to international corporations from all over the world, and our cooperation is dynamically increasing every year. See chosen projects made by our passionate developers.


The world of advanced technologies is still developing, and we’re trying to show the areas of the development in an approachable way.

Our blog contains articles concerning fields in which we’re actively operating (Augmented Reality, Internet of Things, PLM, Cloud, Outsourcing or Atlassian), news from IT world and current events from IT which are worth participating in as well as those where Transition Technologies PSC team can be found. Meet our experts and be up to date with our articles!

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