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We support businesses in digital transformation!

We are experts in this field, and our knowledge and experience let us spread the idea of constant technological development. We get our partners to the next level through comprehensive action and professional advice in the areas of Augmented Reality (AR), the Internet of Things (IoT), Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), R&D Augmentation, Cloud solutions and Atlassian brand products.

We are partnered with the largest suppliers in the IT industry, including Microsoft, Google, PTC, Atlassian, AWS Azure and Oracle.

We operate globally!

Transition Technologies PSC belongs to the Transition Technologies Capital Group which was established in 1991 and has been continuously expanding since then. Today we employ almost 2000 experts who develop and create state-of-the-art solutions for businesses. We operate on three continents: Europe (Poland, Scandinavian countries, France, Germany and Ukraine), the USA and Asia (Taiwan, Japan). We know and understand the needs of many industries, and we support our global partners not only in introducing new technologies, but also in defining challenges and in effective management of the digital transformation process.


_What do we do?

The Internet
of Things

Industry 4.0 is now a reality. We introduce M2M (Machine to Machine) projects and IoT (the Internet of Things), focusing on the acquisition of new data, machine learning, process anticipation, action optimisation and preventive maintenance.


We supplement the concept of the Internet of Things with solutions from Augmented Reality in order to use data in an even better way and to properly present it to users, service technicians and sellers, e.g. as training, user manuals or presentations of products.

Product Lifecycle

We use PTC products, used by companies all around the world. We can perfectly tailor these tools to the individual needs of each business, and our experience means we can actively support our partners at all stages of a given project.


Remote support in the see-what-you-see technology is available thanks to the Instant Remote Expert function. Intuitive access to operational parameters allows for a better analysis of the situation.

Atlassian Platinum
Solution Partner

We ensure that our partners experience an increase in productivity and that their employees work with a convenient tool. Atlassian software ensures easier and more efficient project management, which means better work organisation and shorter time of task execution.

Nearshoring &

Thanks to the support of our experienced experts we offer our partners an opportunity to quickly and safely expand the possibilities of their internal R&D department. We adapt ourselves accordingly to existing infrastructure and internal processes and we believe that cooperation gives better results than standard outsourcing.

Cloud – Cloud

When it comes to the public cloud in Poland, we are both enthusiasts and experts. Our certified AWS experts help with complete or partial migration to the cloud and with developing new cloud-based solutions.

Digital transformation is a (r)evolution not only for businesses alone, but also for their processes, competences and business or organisation models. These changes are crucial for reaching the full potential of new technological possibilities. This development is focused on the ability to be more agile, it is people-oriented, innovative and aware of customers’ needs. Changes are significant and happen quickly, the company’s challenge is not to fall behind.

Radosław Kowalczyk

Strategic Customers Manager

Radosław Kowalczyk



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The world of modern technologies is constantly developing and we try to demonstrate in which areas it does so, in a straightforward manner.

Visit our blog to find articles on the areas in which we actively operate (Augmented Reality, the Internet of Things, PLM, Cloud Outsourcing and Atlassian), news from the IT world and worthwhile IT events where you will find the Transition Technologies PSC team. Get to know our experts and stay up to date with our articles!

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