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Agile methodology

Value- Focused


Connectivity & Integration
Good and tailored software solutions ensur that the right data is delivered at the right moment to users from all data islands existing in the enterprise in need.
Consulting IT
We are eager to help our partners discover business pains and adapt the best solution, in order to be able to jointly prepare a plan for further steps (roadmap) and the necessary prototypes confirming the value.
Understanding potential vulnerabilities and implementing security procedures is critical to maintaining and protecting your software and enterprise.
Infrastructure & Hosting
Every IT solution requires an environment in which it will operate - and no matter what kind of environment it is, we are able to support and ensure that your solutions run smoothly and without fuss.
Implementation & Data Migration
Designing and implementing an IoT solution that fits your needs and responds to your problems requires considering many aspects - from gathering requirements, through architecture design, work organization, testing method, planning a global rollout.
IoT & PLM Managed Services
Ideal for customers who need personalized services during system maintenance to ensure optimal performance. We offer Service Level Agreement, network configuration, infrastructure audit, SSO installation, cloud migration, Windchill and ThingWorx upgrades and much more in the areas of IoT and PLM.
Quality Assurance
In order to function properly, even under boundary conditions, every IT project requires proper testing. Our quality engineers examine software solutions for non-compliance with quality and functional requirements, which ensures failure-free operation of your solution in all conditions.
AI Data Discovery
AI Data Discovery is a one-stop service for discovering whether you're ready for the AI revolution. We use machine learning to analyze your data and provide you with a bespoke report.

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_Delivering Innovation through Transformation

Meet Three Key Delivery Success Factors of TT PSC Services


Your requirements are the basis for starting any project. We never say that it cannot be done. We are looking for the best solutions.
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You already have resources that do not cooperate with each other and do not know how to integrate them? This is our job. We'll take care of it and show you how to do it right.
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Continuous Improvement

Do you want to provide your company with continuous development without fear that your system will suddenly become old? Our specialists work on continuous improvement every day.
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_Delivery process

We deliver high-value services very smooth, and dynamic adjust to current market needs.

Agility is our superPOWER

We strongly believe that agile methodology is the key to success in your project. Strictly defined sprints, better control, thanks to it we are able to deliver every project on time and:

Fast ramp up (i.e. 4 full Scrum teams in 2 months)

Continuous improvement quality

Increased flexibility and automation

On demand deployment readiness

Cross-functional expert teams

Constant code integration & validation

Frequent feedback & direct communication

Allows for Change

_Your requirements are our challenges and we totally take it up!

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_We are advising You on Transforming Your Business

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North America

Nate Taylor TT PSC

Nate Taylor

Director of Sales



 Andreas Kratz TT PSC

Andreas Kratz

Head of Business Development & Sales in DACH



Candy Chao TT PSC

Candy Chao

Head of TTPSC Asia



Ernesto Martins TT PSC

Ernesto Martins

Sales Director for Western Europe



Marcin Knieć, Transition Technologies PSC, Cloud computing

Marcin Knieć

Cloud Portfolio Director



Nir Brav Bussiness TT PSC

Nir Brav

Bussiness Development Manager



Filip Kolasa TT PSC

Filip Kolasa

Business Development Manager

We are orchestrating the business transformation journeys of our Customers

Jean-Pierre Tirault

Jean-Pierre Tirault TT PSC

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See how Vestas started the Digital Journey


For the first time, the technology is getting out of the way

Finally, we can allow technicians to focus 100% of their time to put value into our products. For a company like ours, a reduction in time spent on non-value-added tasks such as registration of parts or operation status is huge importance and provides us with an extremely competitive edge.

Mark Jaxion


Augmented Reality from TT PSC supports the production processes of Vestas – the largest wind turbine company in the world


See how we have implemented IoT Solution for Linak


It’s good to have a trusted technological partner that guides us throughout the way,

offers support, recommends the right scope, and sets priorities.

Martin Vejling Andersen


Industrialization of the Digital Cell – IoT Solution for High-Tech Manufacturer – Linak


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