_Empowering US Manufacturing Efficiency with Advanced Monitoring Solutions


  • Lack of data integration
  • Downtime and alarm conditions
  • Poor availability of production data


  • Minimization of alarm conditions
  • Increase production efficiency
  • Delivery and integration of key data

About the customer

Our customer is a leading US manufacturer of premium chocolate products, with a strong focus on quality and innovation. With over 1000 employees and a reputation for excellence, they are committed to delivering exceptional products to their customers. 


Transition Technologies PSC (TT PSC) collaborated with a leading US manufacturer of premium chocolate products to implement an advanced monitoring solution. The project monitored critical parameters across three production lines to provide real-time visual displays for more effective awareness by production and maintenance personnel. By integrating ThingWorx software and customizing visual interfaces, the customer gained swift alarm response, improved operational efficiency, and scalability for future growth.  


The customer faced several challenges that necessitated a robust monitoring and visualization solution: 

  • Alarm Condition Monitoring: swift detection and response to alarm conditions across production lines. 
  • Real-time Visualization: clear and intuitive visual displays of equipment statuses. 
  • Data Integration and Processing: efficient gathering, processing, and presentation of data from control systems. 
  • User Interface Accessibility: user-friendly interface accessible via standard web browsers. 
  • ThingWorx Software Platform Integration: seamless integration with control systems and data processing capabilities. 
  • Scalability and Flexibility: ability to scale and adapt the system to incorporate additional equipment and parameters.  


Our team at TT PSC implemented a comprehensive solution to address the customer’s needs: 

  • Data collection from PLCs using Kepware for seamless integration. 
  • Configuration of ThingWorx for data processing, storage, and custom mashups for real-time visual presentation of operational data. 
  • Role-based user permissions for system access control.

The solution included an overview screen displaying the status of all production lines, line drill-down for detailed line information, and equipment drill-down for specific machine details. All interfaces were accessible through standard web browsers, ensuring ease of use for stakeholders. 


Upon successful completion of the project, the customer gained: 

  • Real-time monitoring and visualization capabilities across production lines. 
  • Improved response times to alarm conditions, enhancing operational efficiency. 
  • A scalable and flexible system ready to accommodate future expansion and diverse monitoring needs.

Empowering US Manufacturing Efficiency with Advanced Monitoring Solutions

TT PSC's monitoring solution has really made a difference for us. It's improved our efficiency and given us a deeper understanding of our production processes. Their team's expertise and support have been key to our success.

Lead Control EngineerLeading US manufacturer of premium chocolate products

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