_ThingWorx – Industrial IoT Platform

Accelerate the implementation of digital transformation in your organization, eliminate obstacles and measure results.

_ThingWorx – the best basis for IoT solutions

Digital transformation is all about the tools that move industrial production data to the digital domain Easier analysis of this data enhances production efficiency, which results in increased competitiveness in an ever-changing market.
FactoryTalk Innovation Suite powered by PTC includes a range of tools that help aggregate data from multiple sources. Comparing data and putting it into context shows opportunities for optimization production lines. The heart of Industry 4.0 innovation is the ThingWorx, Internet of Things platform. This technology integrates data from software platforms, such as MES, ERP, and other manufacturing, order, warehouse, and maintenance management applications, as well as data from automation devices such as sensors, PLCs, and SCADA applications.

_Benefits of ThingWorx, Industrial Internet of Things Platform

Increase revenue

Collect data and use it to expand your portfolio. Use new business models and achieve success in new markets.

Accelerate innovation

Develop your organization and increase its opportunities using proven tools dedicated to Industrial Internet of Things solutions.

Reduce costs

Use data from connected products and systems to increase productivity, reduce costs and enhance efficiency.

Improve quality

Increase the safety and scalability of operations in your factories. Improve product quality, the reliability of your services and consumer satisfaction.

_Available ThingWorx modules

ThingWorx is a multifaceted platform, which is visible immediately from the start of use. The functionalities available after installation prove to be sufficient for some customers. It is worth noting that ThingWorx allows, without additional time and effort, to connect machines installed in factories. This makes it possible to analyze their work, calculate basic KPIs or send SMS or email notifications in the event of a breakdown. Such data can be obtained thanks to modules that can be extended according to the customer's specific needs, if necessary.


A set of methods and screens provide an accessible view of the current and historical operating status of individual devices, machines and lines. It is a ready-made set of tools for the machinery administrator which allows easier monitoring of production disruptions, downtime or the load of individual machines.


Mechanisms and screens dedicated to production managers. Here, in a condensed but easy-to-read form, it is possible to gain insight not only into the current state of a machine's operation, its lifeline (also in the past), but also into key KPIs such as availability, productivity, quality and OEE.


Control Advisor is a set of mechanisms and screens for engineers supervising communication and data flow in industrial networks. It ensures that data downloaded from connected machines, along with the current health status of connections or their history are available in one place. It ensures that data downloaded from connected machines, along with the current health status of connections or their history, is available in one place. It is a place where it is possible to manage and diagnose connections with sources of operation data.


This module provides data or instructions to machine and line operators. In this way, the operator has all the necessary data, regardless of the sources from which it comes. BOMs, changeover instructions, operating instructions, stock levels, performance and quality indicators, data from ERP, MES, QMS, PLM and CMMS platforms, live data from the machine and the line... all aggregated and filtered to give only the information necessary for fast, efficient and accurate operator work.

_Areas of use the Industrial Internet of Things Platform - ThingWorx

ThingWorx for Manufacturing

Use out-of-the-box applications and connect operators and engineers with assets. This increases safety and productivity at the same time as minimizing costs and downtime.

ThingWorx for Services

Explore applications that connect your services teams across the field to resources and data located in another place. Improve your customers' satisfaction with this simple streamlining.

ThingWorx for Engineering

Provide specific and necessary information to employees. Present it in a simple and easy to understand format.

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