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ThingWorx is a market-leading IoT platform for industrial enterprises.
With ThingWorx, your organization can quickly and easily connect devices and enterprise systems, normalize and analyze data, manage and remotely control devices and processes through simple user interfaces and remote control. Thanks to the ability to integrate with new technologies, such as augmented reality – it allows to enrich the user experience. All that in a secure and scalable architecture. Capable of being hosted both in the cloud and on premise, Thingworx is equipped with machine learning engines (via ThingWorx Analytics) that can enable you to make data-driven decisions.
This user-friendly platform can connect thousands of devices and apps. With pre-built extensions and widgets, ThingWorx addresses the fundamental challenges related to IoT development: combining the low-code rapid development with the versatility of use.
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Maximized Revenue
Collect data and use it to expand your portfolio. Use new business models and achieve success in new markets.
Shortened Time
As a low-code platform with broad set of pre-built modules and widgets, ThingWorx allows for rapid IoT solutions' development and quick business goals' realization.
Reduced Costs
Use data from connected products and systems to increase productivity, reduce costs and enhance efficiency.
Higher Quality
Increase the security and scalability of operations at your factories. Improve product quality, the reliability of your services and consumer satisfaction.
Accelerated innovation
Let your organization grow and enhance its capabilities with IoT tools dedicated to industry.
Ultimate Flexibility
Flexible deployment options include on-premise, cloud or a hybrid approach, adaptable to any industrial use case.

_Companies that have chosen ThingWorx:

Complete IoT connectivity
  • Operationalize industrial data to extract useful insights within minutes via integration with platform components and third-party systems.
  • Seamlessly integrate hundreds types of equipment using the natively-integrated power of Industrial Connectivity Platform – Kepware.
  • Meet site security requirements with secure, authenticated and encrypted communications across varying network topologies via SSL and TLS.
Build IoT solution
  • Create and deploy industrial IoT solutions that accelerate time-to-market using model-driven application design.
  • Integrate the data coming from various sources (3rd party enterprise systems, sensors and assets, end users).
  • Create dedicated reports and dashboards tailored for particular roles in your organization to deliver actionable insights.
ThingWorx Analytics
  • Transform data into insight via intuitive, user-friendly interfaces that enable complex analytics capabilities for non-expert users.
  • Operationalize insights, predictions and recommendations across enterprise functions to enhance decision-making process.
  • Detect data anomalies in real-time to quickly identify changes in connected devices or operating conditions.
IoT Quick Deployment with Solution Central
  • Manage deployments of any size and scale from a single location.
  • Accelerate the time-to-value by enabling simple administration of end-to-end industrial IoT use cases in any environment.
  • Provide enterprise-wide visibility of applications and systems to foster maximum productivity across functions.
IoT Data Visualization
  • Enhance visibility, productivity and performance using comprehensive IIoT data and information.
  • Create immersive AR experiences with IIoT data that enhance collaborative work, remote and field operations, work instructions, and more.
  • Contextualize and visualize data insights through dynamic dashboards optimized for web, mobile or AR experiences for maximum impact.

_Companies that have chosen ThingWorx:

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