Digital Orchestration is the science of delivering business value by creating, connecting, collaborating, and converging processes and data using digital technologies.

Global company

  • Transition Technologies, S. A. founded in 1991
  • 23 Offices across the globe on 3 continents
  • 2000+ employees in the TT group

Passionate people

  • 600 experienced IT specialists working for TT PSC
  • 9 Languages
  • 1000+ specialists across the TT PSC partner network
  • 350+ Architects, Developers and Presales Engineers in TT PSC dedicated to PTC’s PLM, IoT, AR products


  • 6 areas of technology expertise
  • 7 industry sectors
  • 30+ countries
  • 1200+ projects completed

Culture of partnership

We build and value long term relationships:

  • 2 years of partnership with Rockwell Automation
  • 16 years of cooperation with PTC
  • 29 years of cooperation with Emerson

Why Transition Technologies PSC

Today, we work with companies that are accelerating and broadening their investments in digital technologies for the valuable capabilities they deliver. Our customers are understanding that to achieve the greatest benefit from their digital transformation programs, their investments in infrastructure, technologies and solutions must perform well together. And, just like great symphony orchestras, the digital business orchestra requires a skilled conductor. The digital business orchestra needs a digital orchestrator.

Our Business DNA: Digital Orchestration for Digital Transformation

Digital Orchestration Energizes Digital Threads

  • Enable single sources of Data aligned to the business
  • Create process consistency, collaboration and alignment
  • Synchronize data among participants in real-time
  • Deliver business value across functions

Digital Threads Drive Digital Transformation

  • Connect data and processes to deliver capability
Digital Supply Chain TT PSC

Digital Transformation Delivers Business Results

  • Connectivity Sharing digital data among nodes that may include people, functions, processes, products, and/or systems.
  • Continuity Consistent, continuous use of digital data to create and enable Digital Threads across functions, operations, and organizations.
  • Collaboration Use of Connectivity (the ‘how’) and Continuity (the ‘what’) to enable broader networks of engagement.
  • Convergence Seamless integrations of technologies, processes, products, systems, and their digital representations.
  • Product design
  • Manufacturing
  • Service & Sustainment
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Marketing, Sales, Support

4c concept

At TT PSC we are laser-focused on digital orchestration to deliver digital transformation. That is, the science of delivering rapid business value by creating, connecting, collaborating and converging processes and data through digital technologies and solutions.
The Four C's Digital Transformation TT PSC
Product designSupply Chain ManagementManufacturingService and SustainmentMarketing, Sales and Support
GOAL:Implement Closed-Loop Product Lifecycle Design and ManagementEnable Digital Threads & Continuity across all Supply Chain NodesConnect and Optimize Production Operations through IT/OTInformation Technology / Operations Technology IntegrationsImprove Reliability through Condition- Based, Predictive, Remote MonitoringRedefine the Customer Experience, from Purchase to Field Service
  • Cost Savings: Increased Transparency
  • Improved Time to Market
  • Improve SC Efficiency
  • Reduce Queues / Delays
  • Increase Capacities
  • Increase OEEOverall Equipment Effectiveness through IT/OTInformation Technology / Operations Technology Integrations
  • Increase Asset Values
  • Reduce TCOTotal Cost of Ownership and costs of sustainment
  • Improve Spares Process
  • Increase Customer Satisfaction
  • Accelerate sales
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Our solutions


Product designSupply Chain ManagementManufacturingService and SustainmentMarketing, Sales and Support
System of Records
Digital Work Instruction
R-F-L-P Harmonization
Augmented Reality for Adoption
Variant Management
Cloud Readiness IaaS / PaaS / FaaS
Integrated Quality Management
Remote assistance / Monitoring
Light MES
Visualization from Variant Management
Software Updates of SmaSP and FA

Introducing LightMES powered by ThingWorx by TT PSC

A lightweight manufacturing execution system that delivers powerful capabilities for your factory’s operations.

  • Five important production management capabilities, in a lightweight application package.
  • Cost efficient, rapid time-to-value capabilities – progressively integrated or stand alone.
  • Easy to tailor. Focused, lightweight apps to fit your production operations, deliver the data you need.
  • Connect quickly to factory data sources and enterprise solutions for immediate utility and value.
  • The benefits you seek from MES, at a lower TCO.

Here is what customers say

Vestas logo

For the first time, the technology is getting out of the way. Finally, we can allow technicians to focus 100% of their time to put value into our products. For a company like ours, a reduction in time spent on non-value-added tasks such as registration of parts or operation status is of huge importance and provides us with an extremely competitive edge.

Mark Jaxion Vestas

Mark Jaxion

Senior Specialist Leading Industry 4.0 Strategy at Vestas

LINAK logo

It’s good to have a trusted technological partner that guides us throughout the way, offers support, recommends the right scope, and sets priorities.

Martin Andersen

Martin Vejling Andersen

Senior Manager of Logistics & Production Development at Linak

ESAB logo

Transition Technologies PSC is our trusted and proven partner for IT solutions, implementation, and modification. Cooperation is very professional and the collaboration helped us to release a cutting edge and reliable product suite to the market. ESAB, with Transition Technologies PSC’s assistance, is creating a novel platform that improves our customers’ quality, efficiency and traceability day by day. We recommend cooperation with Transition Technologies PSC.

Eyal Shalar

Eyal Shahar

Director, Cloud Products and Services

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North America

Nate Taylor TT PSC

Nate Taylor

Director of Sales

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Mohamed Ennassiri TT PSC

Mohamed Ennassiri

Business Development Manager

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Candy Chao TT PSC

Candy Chao

Head of TTPSC Asia

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