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Complete PLM Integration Solution

Integrations of enterprise systems are natural for almost every PLM deployment.

They are often technically challenging, but that is what our software engineers thrive at. However, it’s not only about technologies. Many people from various teams and departments are usually involved, which requires customer-orientation and flexibility – things we at TTPSC are most fond of!

PLM Integrations
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North America

Nate Taylor TT PSC

Nate Taylor

Director of Sales

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Andreas Kratz TT PSC

Andreas Kratz

Business Development Manager

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Candy Chao TT PSC

Candy Chao

Head of TTPSC Asia

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Mohamed Ennassiri

Business Development Manager

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Krzysztof Jaros

IT Branch Manager

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Why Transition Technologies PSC?

15 years of experience

More than 100 integration projects completed

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10s of Windchill and SAP integration projects completed

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Globally recognized experts in Windchill to SAP integrations

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Absolutely best price-quality ratio

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PTC’s global partner

Windchill integration ebook

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Simplified guide to Windchill and ERP integration

Customer reference from realized integration between PTC PLM – Windchill and Assent’s product compliance platform – ACP.

Transition Technologies PSC knows PTC Windchill inside and out. Their extensive knowledge of this highly configurable product has been instrumental in our ability to integrate. By relying on TT’s knowledge and experience, we have dramatically increased our development speed and made this challenging integration a reality. As individuals, Transition Technologies PSC are kind, professional, and great to work with. Thanks TT!


Andrew Hircock

Andrew Hircock

Director Product Management

PLM Integration experience

SAP and other ERPs

Integration of a PLM solution with a downstream ERP system is critical to fully benefit from PLM features. PTC Windchill has several options to address this type of connectivity including: Enterprise Systems Integratoin (ESI) – a comprehensive product integrating Windchill with SAP and Oracle Manufacturing, allowing publication of product and manufacturing data on product release. This is a preferred option for integrating with SAP and Oracle Manufacturing platforms.

Alternatively, ERPConnector is a Windchill framework allowing publishing of product data upon release and is a good starting point for building a robust integration. This would be a good option for ERP systems other than SAP or Oracle Manufacturing.

TT PSC has extensive experience in building ERP integrations using both ESI and EPRConnector. Download the file to learn more about integrating Windchill and ERP systems.

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Product Compliance

It is crucial during product development to ensure compliance of its components with environmental regulations. For that to happen Windchill needs to be integrated with a product compliance system, as it’s not intended to manage environmental compliance on its own. At the same time Windchill should be able to display compliance information so that product engineers can make relevant choices based on this data. With development halted on PTC’s former product compliance system – Windchill Product Analytics – a new PTC recommended product compliance platform has been introduced: Assent Compliance Platform.

TTPSC was proud to be the team implementing the integration between these two systems, ensuring a seamless transition for existing WPA customers and easy uptake for new ones.

Find out more about this integration here.

Check case study

Application Lifecycle Management (ALM)

PLM is not only about CAD and BOM. The awareness of the importance of integrating PDM/PLM and ALM tools is growing, and the value it brings (improvement of cross-functional team collaboration or easier management of requirements changes, to name only the most obvious) are becoming critical. PTC offers an OSLC standard-based integration witch allows you to link artifacts from Windchill PDMLink and RV&S.

We would be happy to help you install and configure these systems for optimal performance.


The ThingWorx Industrial Innovation Platform is a best-in-class IoT Platform. ThingWorx was created to connect, aggregate, analyze and display data – from devices scattered around the world, machines on the production line in the factory, through other enterprise systems existing in an organization’s IT landscape.

All this to facilitate work, accelerate processes, reduce costs and ensure continuous access to to one of your most important resources – data.

PLM Integration with Other Business Systems

Other systems

Often a need emerges to connect Windchill with many other existing systems, whether standard or built in-house. Windchill is a highly customizable and extensible system and there are many ways to build such an integration.

TT PSC has built integrations between Windchill and various systems using dedicated integration architectures and technologies. Contact us to discuss your individual needs.

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    Integration Technologies and Standards

    ESI/Tibco and ERPConnector

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    ESI is the preferred approach when integrating Windchill and SAP. It’s a complete and mature (15 years on the market) integration solution with built-in best practices based on many organizations’ experiences. For non-SAP (and non-Oracle Manufacturing) ERP systems, where publication of data from PLM occurs on completion of a change process, the ERPConnector framework would be a preferred starting-point. TT PSC has extensive experience in both ESI and EPRConnector-based integration development.

    Webservices (REST/OData)

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    Webservices are standard integration endpoints throughout the web. A relatively new Windchill REST Services (WRS) framework built on the OData standard, available for Windchill versions 10.1 and newer, will typically be used for custom Windchill integration projects. If necessary due to technical debt of legacy systems, Windchill still provides support for SOAP and Info*Engine based webservices.

    Messaging (Apache Kafka/JMS)

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    Some more sophisticated integration approaches include using Apache Kafka or one of more classical JMS message brokers.


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    Open Services for Lifecycle Collaboration is an OASIS Open Project aimed at delivering specifications and standards for integrating software and product lifecycle tools. OSLC community is supported by companies like Airbus, Boeing, RAYTHEON, IBM, PTC and many more.

    Thingworx Flow

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    ThingWorx Flow was created to facilitate orchestrating the flow of data and business processes between connected enterprise systems and devices. Anyone can model necessary connections and data transfer using  a shared, convenient to use canvas. Thanks to automation of these processes, companies can reduce costs, increase efficiency or simply – facilitate work.

    ThingWorx Navigate

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    ThingWorx Navigate is a set of applications for displaying data integrated from various enterprise systems in a user-friendly and role-based form. All stakeholders can access all relevant information in Navigate after only a short introduction to the system. Additionally, a set of default applications integrated with the Windchill system allows access to PLM data immediately after installation and configuration of the software.

    Integration Offer

    We offer comprehensive PLM integration services ranging from early assessment and case study, through planning, technical architecture, implementation, testing, deployment, adoption and support.

    Complete list of integration services includes:

    Process design

    • Workshops
    • Concept study
    • Requirements management
    • Assesment/Audit of AS-IS state

    Technical architecture

    • System design
    • Component design
    • Development system

    Project governance

    Quality Assurance


    • Software installation (PTC and Tibco)
    • Environment preparation and maintenance (both on-premise and cloud)

    Learn more here

    • Deployment, automation and installation scripts


    • Building automation, administration and monitoring software to support integration module usage, etc.

    Data migration

    • Some data migration might be necessary, for example: loading integration history.

    Learn more here


    • User and Administrator training
    • Creating custom training materials, user guides, how-to guides, troubleshooting and maintenance guides etc.

    Integration - workshops

    We will start with an initial requirements workshop (lasting between 1 and 3 days), after which we will draft the first solution concept with high level solution approach for main areas (what will be published by which system, triggered by what events, what types of data, etc.) and a ROM estimate. We strongly recommend a workshop-driven, prototype-based, agile-iterative approach when building any PLM integration. This means we recommend:

    • Dividing the project into smaller functional areas
    • Not scoping and designing the entire integration at the beginning, but rather designing general concepts and then detailing step by step.

    Following workshops are scheduled to detail further integration areas:

    • Part integration
    • BOM integration
    • ECN integration
    • Document integration

    After each workshop each area is detailed (data mappings, business logic, etc) and we start implementation early.

    Our Story - PTC Solution Center Access Program

    PTC Partner Network Windchill logo

    20 years of cooperation with PTC in the field of project delivery as well as research and development activities, with the focus on constant delivery of the highest quality products, makes us the main solutions center for larger PTC programs.

    Starting with PLM, through Service Lifecycle Management (SLM), Application Lifecycle Management (ALM), Product and Material Compliance, to Internet of Things (IoT) and Augmented Reality (AR), our work has been awarded as the best in our field on numerous occasions. We are the best in class while maintaining attractive pricing for our customers.

    What distinguishes us?

    Experience you can trust!

    Our experts are creating advanced technologies on a daily basis, which allows them react faster and better to technology and market changes. We are constantly cooperating with some of the world’s biggest brands, supporting them in PLM, IoT, AR, Cloud solutions, or providing IT and software development outsourcing services.


    professionals in Transition Technologies PSC


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    Locations close to you

    we operate on three continents: Europe (Poland, Scandinavia, France, Germany, Ukraine), North America and Asia (Taiwan).


    our experience of working with many customers taught us how to focus on your needs. You can be certain that our approach always keeps your best interest in mind.


    we are very flexible in adopting to complex environments and fast pace. We know that every organization is different and understanding which initiatives may be useful will depend on where you are in your integration journey.


    high-performance teams are essential to deliver highest quality on-time and on-budget. Our specialized, dedicated teams provide efficient support thanks to extensive knowledge of business processes, software tools and industrial standards. Working with us means working with world’s best talent.

    Looking for other services?

    Check out the other PLM services that we have in our range.

    • Consulting PLM

      Need professional advice on PLM solutions? We offer process and business consulting, as well as technical support

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    • Windchill Implementation

      Effective implementation of a PLM system, in accordance with proven methodologies developed with numerous projects implemented worldwide.

    • Data migration

      Over the years, our data migration team has successfully completed dozens of projects for some of the largest companies in Europe, United States and Asia. Our services include: planning and implementation of migration projects and supervision over data quality and security.

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    • Upgrade

      The decision to upgrade a PLM system to a higher version is strategically important for the whole enterprise. For this reason we have created a department dedicated to this area – the PLM Migration and Update Centre.

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    • Cloud PLM

      Take your PLM system to the next level with environments that automatically adapt to your needs. Benefit from migration to the most advanced infrastructure and automation solutions that will ensure security and accessibility of your company’s data.

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    • PLM Testing

      We offer professional services for quality assurance and testing of Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) systems. With our experience, you will reduce testing costs and time to market.

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    • Support and Maintenance

      The ideal solution for customers who need personalized services while operating the system, making sure it runs at optimal performance. We offer technical support and assistance from dedicated technical staff familiar with your PLM environment, so your IT department can focus on other areas.

    • Windchill RV&S

      Redefine software with PTC RV&S – one of the best application lifecycle management tools on the market. We support customers at every step of RV&S implementation, including custom extension development.

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