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Product data is the core of any product lifecycle management (PLM) application.
Data migration is a process that occurs in any major IT project – it helps maintain the technological development of your hardware and software. Migrations are theoretically simple, but everything depends on the details.

Thinking about our business partners, we have created a specialized department: the Upgrade&Migration Center, which offers comprehensive data migration to the PTC Windchill platform from PDM, PLM, ERP, Document Management and other systems.
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Time-saving - comprehensive preparation of the migration process

Security of migrated data

Consulting during the process of data preparation

Timeliness - developing and monitoring the migration schedule

Readiness for small and large scale projects

Cleaning and harmonization of data

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_PLM Data Migration Services

List of exemplary systems from which data is migrated to the PTC Windchill system:

  • Windchill
  • CIM Database PLM
  • Eigner PLM
  • SAP
  • Siemens TeamCenter
  • Model Manager
  • Matrix PLM
  • Enovia SmarTeam
  • SolidWorks PDM
  • ProductCenter PLM
  • Pro/INTRALINK 3.4
  • Symix ERP
  • Baan ERP
  • Sharepoint
  • Homegrown systems
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The tools we use enable extraction of metadata directly from CAD files and loading them into the PLM system:

  • Creo
  • CATIA V5
  • UG NX
  • Autodesk Inventor
  • SolidWorks
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Transition Technologies PSC is certificated PTC Software Development Partner with a world-class team.
As a trusted partner, we provide a full suite of professional services and software solutions, with a special focus on consulting for the PTC Windchill.

_PLM Data Migration – tools

Example tools we use performing our services include:

  • Windchill Bulk Migrator
  • LoadFromFile
  • Customized tools


We implement migration projects using either ETL or ETLV methodologies (extraction, transformation, load, validation). ETL, ETLV are processes consisting of:
PLM Data Migration metodology TT PSC

Data extraction

From source systems such as database, files or information obtained from other sources.

Data Transformation

Preparing data for migration. Implementation of business rules, data cleaning and filtering.

Data Loading

The process of importing data to the target system.

Validation of migrated data

Checking system functionality and correctness of loaded data.

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We start by collecting key information about the source and target systems: system type, version, system components, etc. We also take into account object types and their number. At this stage we verify possible extraction and migration scenarios, available tools, supported approaches and available capabilities. We identify the elements which will require special attention.



One of the most important stages in migration projects is to conduct workshops. During these workshops our consultants will learn about the your source system and suggest possibilities of mapping data in the new system. At this stage we also create a work schedule to make sure that the necessary human and technical resources will be available throughout the project.



After defining the business rules and plan of object migration to the target system, our consultants can start the implementation, which takes place on two levels:

  • Implementation and creation of business object definitions in the system such as: users, types, structure, additional object parameters, etc.
  • Implementation of database scripts to transform data from the source system into an intermediate database, which has a specific structure, consistent with the tools used to load data.

At this stage, any outstanding errors and imperfections in the findings of the planning stage are detected. We solve them through additional workshops with the customer.


Test migrations

The first loop is based on a sample of data from the source system. Further test migrations are performed on a full set of data from the production system. Thanks to this, the customer has an overview of how the system will look after the migration. Our experts will optimize the environment and tools so that even the largest amount of data is loaded in the required time.



This is a “final test” to check procedures, scripts and processes. This test loop is followed by the customer’s approval and agreement to the final data migration.


Production migration (GoLive)

Data migration and the first start up is done outside the organization’s working hours (during the weekend). This phase of the process requires close coordination and maximum involvement of both parties. Designated employees of the ordering party carry out verification, followed by unfreezing the system and resuming work.


Post-migration support

Some of the data issues may not be detected during tests. Our team will be available to address any of them which are detected after migration has been completed. We will help fix possible errors and optimize system performance if it drops. We offer support such as helpdesk services or on-site support.

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As a company delivering comprehensive technology services, we follow a holistic approach that provides a full understanding of our customers’ challenges and requirements. With a dedicated data migration team, the process runs smoothly and efficiently.

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