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PTC Solution Center Access Program

12 years of cooperation with PTC in the field of providing projects as well as research and development activities, with the focus on constant delivery of the highest quality products, makes us main solutions centre in case of larger PTC production. Starting with PLM, through SLM, WPA, ALM to ThingWorx and AR. Our work has been awarded as the best in our field on numerous occasions. We are number one, still keeping relatively low prices.

Windchill Upgrade


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TTPSC專家展現出高度的投入性、專案性以及靈活性,此外他們的專業度以及豐富的知識,使他們能夠快速完成工作。 我們推薦TTPSC成為IT產業界上強健可靠的夥伴。

Mariusz K. Pyrcik

Business Manager Field Engineering – Eastern Europe & Middle East

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Transition Technologies PSC是One Span的好合作伙伴,不仅展现坚定的承诺,高度专业的素养,也对委托的任务具有责任感(…)让我们惊喜的不仅是集聚专家团队的功能,也是工作的及时完成以及产品的高质量。

西拉维·美族安尼维 (Sylvain Masounave)

OneSpan公司的全球工程和运营 副总裁

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瓦尔德玛·什切潘斯基 (Waldemar Szczepański)

服务和支持 经理

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