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Difficulties with quick business scalability
A business that can respond to a sudden and abrupt increase in demand quickly can flourish. 100% on-premise infrastructure cannot do it ad-hoc.
Cybersecurity threats
Older kind solutions and traditional non-cloud infrastructures may not be enough in the face of the growing number of various cyber threats.
Complications in ensuring business continuity
Outdated applications not always perform their functions properly, and may crush time to time thus causing unexpected operational downtime. Development opportunities in this case are also limited.
Risk of staying behind the competition
The use of outdated infrastructure solutions may involve the risk of getting too long time to the market with new products.

_What we offer

Some may think that cloud migration and app modernization is only the technical project.
Often not know or forget that the business wants to benefit from the cloud too. Modern companies need to use innovative services to meet the changing of customers’ needs, provide new solutions to generate new revenue streams, or flexibly respond to a constantly changing market.

_Our services cover all that you need to successfully migrate to cloud

Cloud Foundation Preparation: KPI confirmation, implementing Landing Zones
Migration & Integration Services
Building Cloud Competence Center: Workshops & Trainings
DevOps and Automation approach implementation
Migration Plan Preparation including Modernization aspects for key business applications
Cloud management with Cost Optimization
Target Application Architecture preparation
Support and Maintenance for both infrastructure and applications

_Cloud Professional Services

Cloud Migration
Move your workloads to the cloud and see how your business moves ahead of your competition.
Cloud Application Development and Modernization
Build a solution that uses the cloud’s full potential and go ahead thanks to its capabilities.
Cloud Cost Optimization
Get maximum business value with cloud costs under control.
Cloud Managed Services
Ensure smooth and uninterrupted operation of your infrastructure with the help of experts.
Cloud Security
Get access to the safest data center solutions without the need to maintain costly infrastructure.
Cloud Integration
Break down software silos by seamlessly combination of different cloud-based systems into an integral whole.

_What are the benefits of combining cloud power with business initiatives?

Use the power of application modernization to increase the business value for the company and its ecosystem (customers, partners)
Experiment with latest innovative technologies without high upfront investment
Let you gather and analyze big data with support of AI
Have highly agile and scalable IT environment that dynamically adjust to your technical and business needs
Lower your TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) significantly even up to 50-60%
Impossible made possible! Thanks to cloud find the best solution to well-known but unsolved so far issues

_What is the best approach for migration to cloud?

  • Confirm your Vision
  • Set proper KPIs
  • Understand how Cloud works
  • Set new principles and standards – the cloud is the new way of thinking
  • Automate from the beginning
  • Share the Cloud Knowledge
  • Adjust Processes
Our approach
  • Comprehensive methodology covering end-to-end migration process
  • Strong emphasis on application assessment and cloud foundation preparation
  • Big focus on sharing the knowledge with the Customer
  • Dedicated workstream for business-driven App Modernization
Key value
  • Safe and predictable migration process
  • KPI-driven outcomes related with business challenges
  • Customers become independent in the further cloud adoption
  • The value of migration is spread across the entire company


_What may you expect?

Discovery and Foundations
Migration Planning and Architecture
Migration Execution and Integration
Next Waves of Migration
Apps Assessment
DevOps Planning & Implementation
Monitoring and Improving
Budowa podstaw
Apps Assessment
Migration Planning and Architecture
DevOps Planning & Implementation
Migration Execution and Integration
Monitoring and Improving
Next Waves of Migration

_Want to unlock the full potential of your business?

Use the newest technology as an efficiency booster. Let us help you in your cloud journey.

_Selected services and solutions supported by cloud

PLM in the Cloud
Cloud hosting as a way to increase system efficiency, resource scalability, and faster response to failures.
Energy Advisor for Manufacturing
The solution that enables manufacturing companies to control energy consumption and its costs during the production process.
Industrial Analytics
Tailored solutions and end-to-end platforms that are compatible with every industry and help organizations achieve digital transformation.
AI Data Discovery
Service that can drive organizations to adopt advanced AI-based analytics.
Implementation and Data Migration
Software tailored to needs to get a chance to increase productivity and better results.
Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)
Discover new data-driven opportunities by connecting machines, employees and processes.
Augmented Reality
Essential information for frontline employees exactly when it is needed most.


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We are really happy that we did it and it was definitely a healthy investment during the past few months.

Philip Morris International appreciates the TT PSC's contribution to our activities.

The cooperation on the project went seamlessly and showed the great business potential of cloud solutions.

Project Team

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The team at TT PSC are true professionals.

While working with them for nearly a year in migrating our PLM system to their managed service (on AWS) and developing enhancements to the applications they have demonstrated a commitment to our success and satisfaction.

Most impressive is their cooperative and transparent approach to guiding us through the process as well as the depth of their knowledge in both our applications and the infrastructure needed to support those. I look forward to continuing to work with them through our PLM and Digital Transformation journeys.

Marc Beneteau, PMP

Senior Project Manager

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Transition Technologies PSC is our trusted and proven partner for IT solutions, implementation, and modification.

Cooperation is very professional and the collaboration helped us to release a cutting edge and reliable product suite to the market.

ESAB, with Transition Technologies PSC’s assistance, is creating a novel platform that improves our customers’ quality, efficiency and traceability day by day. We recommend cooperation with Transition Technologies PSC.

Eyal Shahar

Director, Cloud Products and Services

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