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Revolutionize heavy equipment manufacturing with innovative technology solutions



Adoption of new technologies

Adopting and integrating new technologies such, as IIoT, AI, and AR, is a major challenge for manufacturing companies. Additionally, implementing solutions that shift production to a more sustainable mode will be crucial.


Cost management

Heavy machinery manufacturing entails high production costs, including energy, raw materials, labor, and maintenance. Managing and optimizing costs while maintaining product quality and competitiveness remains a major challenge for companies in this industry.


Regulations related to environmental protection

The industry faces increasing scrutiny to reduce its environmental impact. Compliance with emission standards, waste management, and energy efficiency is of paramount importance today, and building environmentally friendly machinery and adopting sustainable practices rank among the top priorities for companies in this sector.


After-sales service and support

In the machinery industry, providing effective service and after-sales support is not only crucial for customer satisfaction but also for building customer loyalty. Maintaining a robust service network, ensuring parts availability, and professional technical advice are critical challenges in the heavy machinery industry.

_How digital transformation helps solve engineering industry challenges

Digital Product Engineering

Fully integrate data from various distributed systems to monitor digital product assets and extend the PLM system with environmental functionality.


Digital Manufacturing

We leverage modern technologies such as IIoT, AI, Cloud, and AR to create an integrated manufacturing environment. Our solutions; Energy Advisor and OEE Advisor, help improve manufacturing efficiency.


Cloud Transformation

Cloud adoption supports heavy equipment manufacturers by increasing data availability, optimizing manufacturing processes, handling sales support, and improving supply chain management.


Digital Supply Chain & Customer Intelligence

Enables better integration and management of the supply chain, increasing efficiency and reducing costs. Customer Intelligence enables understanding customer needs.


Digital Business and Processes

Solutions helping manufacturing companies manage projects and increase productivity. They enable easy monitoring of project progress and improve communication within teams.


Reduce and responsibly manage waste, optimize production processes, and utility consumption. Take advantage of solutions such as GreenPLM, Energy Advisor, AI, or Predictive Quality.



OEE Advisor
Automatically collect real-time data from machines and calculate OEE. Monitor it and generate reports to help optimize your production process. Utilize this information to make better decisions.
Energy Advisor for industry
Control energy consumption and make informed decisions. Analyze production profitability and product margins, accumulate knowledge to optimize production plans, and simulate future costs of energy and other utilities.
GreenPLM is a solution that addresses the growing demand for sustainable products by enabling early assessment of a product's environmental impact early in its life cycle and incorporating eco-design principles.
Digital Thread is the foundation for improving engineering efficiency, production, and product quality. Ensure full traceability of data throughout the product lifecycle. Reduce costs, enhance product quality, streamline data flow, and make better decisions.
SkillWorx Assisted Worker uses augmented reality (AR) to generate spatial images, enabling remote support and guidance for field workers, among other applications.

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