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Realize more value from your operational data with an AI-driven Industrial Analytics accelerator solution

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Understand your historical data
Unlock the potential of your OT data and create a data-driven culture based on machine learning platform. We can help you identify outliers and abnormalities in your data historians, and provide predictions for future incidents, to help process engineers optimize production and save time.
Identify abnormal events
Analyze industrial data from machines, systems, sensors, and industrial operations to detect abnormal events. Have trouble detecting anomalies on your equipment? We specialize in identifying such problems and providing industrial analytics software with predictive analytics to support you in data processing.
Better process control
Improve accuracy and engineering productivity in process quality control using artificial intelligence and ML technologies. We provide an end-to-end industrial solution that includes data collection, real-time data analytics, and visualization of raw data in easy-to-understand dashboards to help process engineers identify potential quality issues before they occur.
Predict equipment failure
Combine data by utilizing complex algorithms and deep learning, this solution can reliably predict potential equipment failures before they occur, reducing downtime and improving productivity. Industrial Analytics empower companies to move beyond traditional reactive and preventive maintenance models.

_AI-driven Industrial Analytics

To accelerate your digital transformation, we offer tailored industrial analytics solutions that are compatible with your industry needs and gain business outcomes.
Industrial Analytics is a powerful advanced analytics solution designed to help manufacturing companies achieve digital transformation. This solution based on predictive models utilizes self-service machine learning, cloud computing, and industrial data from all manufacturers' machines. It combines three key options: predictive maintenance, predictive quality analytics, and anomaly detection. Industrial Analytics is the key to unlocking the full potential of industrial operations and gives you the possibility to stay ahead of the competition in today's fast-paced business environment.
See how our industrial analytics solutions can make digital transformation happen in real life.

_Achieve Business Goals

Augment your business
We augment your enterprise by providing you with the knowledge, business insights, and experience to identify trends and make better strategic decisions.
Agile Approach to Get Results Fast
We utilize a value-focused approach, integrating data generated from various sources to align every step with the organization's long-term success, ensuring on-time and on-budget project completion while enhancing our business models.
Accelerate your digital transformations
Leverage advanced data analysis techniques to extract valuable and actionable insights from industrial processes, and various data silos. You can optimize operational excellence, identify root causes, and predictive maintenance opportunities.
Explore innovation technologies with machine learning

_Industrial Analytics solutions

Machine learning-based data platform full of tailored solutions based on advanced analytics for the industrial organizations.

Anomaly Detection

Analyze vast amounts of data from assets, systems, and sensors to detect abnormal behavior.

  • Early fault detection
  • Reduced downtime
  • Increased manufacturing efficiency
  • Enhanced asset performance monitoring
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Predictive quality analytics

Improve process quality control through the application of machine learning.

  • Minimize alarms
  • Improve Statistical Process Control
  • Identify root causes of quality problems
  • Ensure manufacturing process quality
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Predictive Maintenance

Detect production process issues and equipment failures proactively.

  • Reduced unscheduled asset downtime
  • Improved labor utilization
  • Increased production capacity
  • Lowered maintenance costs and equipment availability
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Analyze manufacturing processes
to discover patterns and build machine learning models with data silos.
Visualize anomalies
for easier issue understanding and investigation on the shop floor.
Predict equipment failures
and provide real-time recommendations to prevent issues.
Make smarter maintenance
data driven decisions in real time with advanced analytics.
Monitor production process
for improving overall equipment effectiveness.
Recommend process optimization
for maximized production processes.

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Specially customized for the manufacturing sector to boost business outcomes. Now you can have all the capabilities in one solution!

_Accelerate implementation of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) in manufacturing environments with the Industrial Analytics Platform

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