_Energy Advisor for Manufacturing

Improve energy efficiency to make production more sustainable


Lack of flexibility in case of power shortages
Without awareness and knowledge of real energy consumption, i.e. lack of full control over the media it is also hard to avoid negative effects on production due to temporal and unexpected power provision reduction.
No one source of truth about full utilities usage
Most of the available product data is unstructured. The right quality of unified data is the key to achieving energy efficiency and understanding of energy, thus problem-finding savings opportunities.
Energy consumption out of control
No detailed information about energy consumption increases the risk of exceeding the set limits. It thus may lead to increased costs and high penalties. Need a "fuse" that would alert when the energy consumption exceeds the assumed safety threshold.
Challenges in the pursuit to sustainability and Industry 4.0
A green product is a product that has been designed with an eco-friendly approach. It should use especially less energy. The modernization of production in line with the development of Industry 4.0, is not only a process of industrialization and digitization, but also a process of sustainable development.


Energy Advisor for Manufacturing is a solution that enables manufacturing companies to control energy consumption and its costs during the production process.
With accelerator modules being deployed in just a few weeks, it delivers quick energy efficiency-related business outcomes. A clear and tailored roadmap allows you to adjust the solution to your situation, increasing the value even further.
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Get up to EUR 5 million in savings on energy costs per every 1 billion turnover.*
* Assuming 5% savings on energy bills, where energy costs account for 10% of annual turnover; actual ROI may vary.

_Award-winning EMS system

Choose smart and simple energy management. Download a system demo or arrange a live demonstration.

Innovation award 2023
Innovation award 2023
The best of industry 4.0

8-Week Energy Advisory for Manufacturing Program

  • Identification of energy usage and optimization areas.
  • Prioritization and value of the most impactful use cases are established.
  • Map the use cases to your IT/OT landscape.
Assessment Report
  • Energy and use case assessment with recommendations based on your situation.
  • Roadmap defined with next steps to obtain the highest value.
  • Estimation of financial data regarding roadmap.
MVP /Accelerator
  • Reports of energy uses in the context of production.
  • Enabled cost simulation to predict your future bills.
  • Understanding of energy use is influencing decision-making.

_Real-time reports & dashboards

Energy Advisor for Manufacturing - Real-time reports & dashboards - Image
Monitor your media consumption and support data-driven decisions
Analyze production profitability and product margin. Optimize plans and avoid penalties for exceeding contractual energy limits.


Correlation and Trends
Analysis of the production data with energy cost and calculation of the energy cost in the overall cost of the product.
Comparison of the energy consumption between plants, lines, machines and products.
Simulated energy consumption costs
Simulate utility consumption level and related line workload costs. Predict media rates.
Utility usage troubleshooter
Process troubleshooter with trend tool for data and events to better understand ongoing problems and changes.
Improved Control
Plan the consumption of all connectable media (electricity, water, steam, gas, HVAC) and their cost.
No more surprises on the bills
Use Power Guardian to prevent penalties caused by exceeding the contractual demand limit.

_Step by step approach

  • Production Data
  • ERP System
  • MES
  • Collect Data from your assets
  • Find manually dependencies and correlations in your data
  • Use dependencies to define effectiveness projects
  • Use correlations to define cost reduction projects
  • Track the results with real-time data in DDS cycle
  • Automatically find patterns within your data with AI
  • Get into automatic prediction with MLOps


Reduce energy demand​ leading to reduced operational costs
Define specific energy-saving projects based on data
Assure production continuity
Enhance flexibility to respond to shifting market demands
Provide better control due to real-time awareness of energy consumption
Become a sustainable company
Start your journey to higher Energy Efficiency
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