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Fast-changing tech-realities

To remain competitive, high-tech companies must constantly invest in cutting-edge technologies and adapt fast to changing market circumstances. With many organizations vying for market share, to be successful, companies must develop unique products and services and constantly differentiate themselves from the competition by building new business models.


The uncertainty of an uninterrupted supply chain

The pandemic and geopolitical tensions resulted in global chip and semiconductors shortages, forcing high-tech companies to build higher supply chain resilience for the future.


Meeting the sustainability requirements

Going to carbon neutrality requires developing sustainable manufacturing processes, reducing waste and emissions, building sustainably, and reducing the disposal of end-of-life products.



High-tech companies have to comply with many regulations, whether it be data privacy, intellectual property, or export controls. Organizations need to stay up to date with changes in the regulatory environment to avoid fines and reputational damage.

_How digital transformation can boost industry innovation?

Digital Product Engineering

The digital twin concept, integrating PLM with IoT and AI, is gaining popularity in the high-tech industry. Cloud-based PLM solutions offer flexibility, scalability, and cost-effectiveness, allowing real-time collaboration with partners and suppliers.



The Green PLM project creates an innovative solution for managing the product lifecycle sustainably by tracking environmental indicators such as carbon footprint, water footprint, energy consumption, and material types.


Digital Manufacturing

Cloud, AI & ML, edge computing, and 5G can help high-tech companies streamline internal processes, as well as the development of "state-of-the-art" solutions and products.


Cloud Transformation

High-tech companies invest in cloud-based solutions, quantum computing, and advanced cybersecurity to address challenges and drive innovation.



Connected PLM
Enables not only faster time-to-market and enhances product quality but also helps in managing complex product configurations, optimizing supply chain processes, and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.
Energy Advisor for Manufacturing
This solution reduces energy demand, cuts costs & ensures production continuity for high-tech manufacturers. Enhance flexibility to meet market demands & become more sustainable for better control & efficiency.
OEE Advisor
Real-time solution tracking and evaluation capabilities, combined with standard KPI formulas, can help high-tech companies optimize their manufacturing processes, reduce downtime, and identify areas for improvement.
Predictive Maitenance
Using data analytics and ML algorithms it helps to predict and prevent equipment failures before they occur. This can minimize downtime, reduce maintenance costs and enhance overall operational efficiency.

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