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Security breaches are a serious threat to a company's business and reputation. Here are some reasons why organizations should prioritize security in the cloud:
Data breaches
Cybercriminals may attempt to gain unauthorized access to sensitive data stored in the cloud, which can lead to financial loss, reputational damage, and legal issues.
Compliance issues
Failure to comply with regulations such as GDPR, HIPAA, and PCI DSS can result in fines, legal action, and damage to the organization's reputation.
Insider threats
Insider threats are a significant challenge for cloud security. Employees, contractors, or partners with authorized access to cloud systems may intentionally or unintentionally cause security breaches, such as by sharing sensitive information or malware.
Improper configuration of cloud services can result in security vulnerabilities that can be exploited by cybercriminals. This includes misconfigured access controls, unsecured APIs, and improper encryption.

_Cloud Security Service

Cloud computing offers many advantages, including speed, agility, and scalability, that can give your business a competitive edge. However, some companies may hesitate to transition to cloud systems due to security concerns.
We understand that these concerns can result from insufficient knowledge about cloud infrastructure and compliance issues. Therefore, we offer unique expertise and experienced specialists to help you identify risk areas and limit potential threats. Our goal is to enable your digital transformation process to go smoothly by providing the necessary resources and solutions while ensuring that your cloud adoption isn't slowed down and your business isn't exposed to security threats.
Selected service areas in Cloud Security include:
  • Cloud Security Assessment that allows you to evaluate and check key areas responsible for solution security. These areas encompass identity management, user and access management, operational security, and the security methods and level of the cloud platform.
  • Disaster Recovery Center (DRC) solutions include planning and implementation services to ensure business continuity in unexpected situations that result in data or IT environment loss.
  • Security Operation Center (SOC) Consulting Services involve our team of specialists specializing in Microsoft Azure, AWS, or GCP. They provide consulting services for the SOC area in both the one-cloud and multi-cloud models. Through dedicated services, workshops, and training, they will prepare your company for effective monitoring of cloud environments in terms of security.
  • Infrastructure and Application Support Services (Cloud Managed Services) provide comprehensive support services for infrastructure and applications, including essential security aspects.
A comprehensive end-to-end cloud security services will protect your business, whether in a public, private, or hybrid cloud environment. You won't be on your own regarding security concerns because we'll be with you every step of the way. Keep your business safe with us so you can focus on growth and innovation.

_Cloud Services

Cloud Migration
Move your workloads to the cloud and see how your business moves ahead of your competition.
Cloud Application Development and Modernization
Build a solution that uses the cloud’s full potential and go ahead thanks to its capabilities.
Cloud Cost Optimization
Get maximum business value with cloud costs under control.
Cloud Managed Services
Ensure smooth and uninterrupted operation of your infrastructure with the help of experts.
Cloud Security
Get access to the safest data center solutions without the need to maintain costly infrastructure.
Cloud Integration
Break down software silos by seamlessly combination of different cloud-based systems into an integral whole.


Data security
When using cloud computing, you can be sure that your data is protected in accordance with best practices and with the use of the newest security protocols for encrypting its transfer.
Compliance with law regulations
Running a business, it's crucial to guarantee that your systems are compliant with applicable laws. Cloud servers meet even the most rigorous standards and let you sleep well.
Protection against cyberattacks
With a constantly rising number of threats, you can be sure that a properly configured cloud environment is protected from most hacker attacks, including e.g. DDoS.
Access control
Having control over access gives you confidence that no one unauthorized will gain access to your systems. It enables continuous monitoring and quick reaction to potential threats.
Support and high availability
Thanks to implementing best practices and security policies, you can be sure that your environment is always safe and available to your business.
Security scalability
With cloud security, you can scale your security measures up or down depending on your business needs. This means you can add or remove security measures as your business grows or changes.


_Three steps to securing your applications

The combination of 3 steps: Cloud Strategy, Cloud Migration and Cloud Managed Services, constitute the solid pillars of your applications' protection system. These pillars enable you to benefit from the advantages and rich capabilities of secure and compliant cloud computing technology which is the foundation of a successful digital transformation.
The right plan
Allows creating a detailed cloud migration plan, including security and risk analysis. Whether you have only started planning your environment or it already exists, we will help you choose the optimal way to complete it so you can benefit from a secured cloud-based environment. We will also evaluate your current situation and business objectives to provide the best solution.
Secure Cloud Migration
Enables moving your website, application or environment to public cloud environments. We will design and build a unique solution that will be secure and optimal cost-wise. Only after adequate preparation and configuration will we transfer your workloads to the cloud.
However, our work doesn’t end there
Once migration is completed, we need to ensure that your servers are constantly protected. In order to do that, we support configuration management and develop appropriate security policies. Additionally, we will monitor and analyse the functioning of your cloud infrastructure to make sure that no undesirable events take place. In case of detecting a threat, we will react in accordance with pre-formulated policies.

_All your assets secured. Always.

Set up an appointment with us for a short, non-binding conversation. We will determine together how to protect all your cloud environments at the highest and most up-to-date level.

_Selected services and solutions supported by cloud

Customized solutions across industries and expert advice to help companies protect themselves against cyber attacks.
Connectivity and System integration
The combination of different source systems to get useful insights.
PLM in the Cloud
Cloud hosting as a way to increase system efficiency, resource scalability, and faster response to failures.
Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)
Discover new data-driven opportunities by connecting machines, employees and processes.
IoT & PLM Managed Services
Access to high-tech solutions to support quality process control.
Data visualization and reporting
Filter out the irrelevant information in your raw data and get the most important and relevant metrics, so you can always focus on what really matters.
Industrial Analytics
Tailored solutions and end-to-end platforms that are compatible with every industry and help organizations achieve digital transformation.


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We are really happy that we did it and it was definitely a healthy investment during the past few months.

Philip Morris International appreciates the TT PSC's contribution to our activities.

The cooperation on the project went seamlessly and showed the great business potential of cloud solutions.

Project Team

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The team at TT PSC are true professionals.

While working with them for nearly a year in migrating our PLM system to their managed service (on AWS) and developing enhancements to the applications they have demonstrated a commitment to our success and satisfaction.

Most impressive is their cooperative and transparent approach to guiding us through the process as well as the depth of their knowledge in both our applications and the infrastructure needed to support those. I look forward to continuing to work with them through our PLM and Digital Transformation journeys.

Marc Beneteau, PMP

Senior Project Manager

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Transition Technologies PSC is our trusted and proven partner for IT solutions, implementation, and modification.

Cooperation is very professional and the collaboration helped us to release a cutting edge and reliable product suite to the market.

ESAB, with Transition Technologies PSC’s assistance, is creating a novel platform that improves our customers’ quality, efficiency and traceability day by day. We recommend cooperation with Transition Technologies PSC.

Eyal Shahar

Director, Cloud Products and Services

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