_Why do you need an AI Data Discovery service?

No need to waste time on research projects with no probability of success. Choose an AI data discovery service to drive your organization to adopt advanced AI-based analytics. Most unsuccessful AI adoptions are caused by a lack of in-depth analysis and a lack of clearly defined business objectives.

With AI Data Discovery, you can address these business problems:

Lack of proper feasibility study
for applying AI to a given business area
Lack of accurate risk assessment
of investing in advanced analytics
Miss knowledge of the forecast costs
of implementing and maintaining AI solutions
Lack of awareness
that monetization of collected data is even possible
Problem with selecting
appropriate processes, methods, and tools to adopt AI
No access to highly qualified specialists
to analyze your implementation opportunities
AI Data Discovery

_What is AI Data Discovery?

AI Data Discovery is the initial step for the adoption of advanced analytics, and it answers the most common challenges enterprises face when trying to apply AI to their business.

Consists of a specific definition of a business use case and a real-world feasibility study that saves you from the risk of investing in the wrong direction. Provides you with a map and guidance to implement advanced analytics successfully.

_Make sure your company is ready for industrial analytics adoption

Do you think about:

  • Anomaly Detection
  • Predictive Quality Control
  • Predictive Maintenance

Make sure your data is ready.

Don't waste money and time until you are absolutely sure that your business pain can be solved by an AI-based solution. AI Data Discovery will provide you with personalized recommendations and check whether your data is valuable in the context of a defined use case.

AI Data Discovery

_What do you get with AI Data Discovery?

AI Data Discovery Report

Final report with validation of a selected business case that is viable and has a purpose. It includes a brief analysis of the data that has been properly processed and analyzed, extracting valuable insights and correlations that can be used for AI machine learning purposes in the next step.

High-level roadmap

High-level roadmap defined for mature advanced analytics adoption for selected business pain including high-level estimation of the cost and effort needed, so you can make better decisions before you start investing in AI project.

_Business Benefits of AI Data Discovery

Base for the mature business decision of investing in AI
Real risk assessment
ROI calculation
Save money and time
Detailed instructions on what steps to take to implement AI in your organization
Increase awareness of AI in your company

_Take advantage of AI Data Discovery

Find the patterns that will save you time, money, and resources while making your enterprise more efficient. Start conversation with our team and see what potential your data offers
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_How does it look AI Data Discovery process?

AI Data Discovery
Average duration 8 weeks
Discovery workshops
Step 1: We run discovery workshops between our Analytics experts and your team in order to understand your business, discuss the most critical problems and agree on the use case to be processed further
Data analysis
Step 2: We explore and analyze your data to seek correlations and the most promising features that show the relationship with selected business needs
Step 3: We validate the feasibility of the selected use case and help you define how AI practice can be adopted within your organization

_What’s the next in your AI journey?

We don’t leave you alone with the AI Data discovery results. You can count on us when it comes to the design phase, pilotage, and industrialization of AI solutions across your organization.

AI Data
We always begin with a deep understanding of business problems, identification of profitable use cases, and data correlation study to assess whether the desired solution will bring value to your business.
Design and
After the use case is validated and all necessary prerequisites are met, then we design and implement selected solution using the best matching technologies and Analytics platforms.
& feedback
Next, we deploy the solution on the selected plant so it can be used and tested against a real-time production scenario and tuned in case of any discrepancies.
Finally, we scale the solution up within your organization so it can be applied globally for each site.

_What technologies do we use?

Big Data

Big Data technologies


BI technologies


AI technologies


Cloud technologies

_Industrial Analytics solutions

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