_Predictive Maintenance

Increase equipment lifetime and control maintenance costs with AI

_Business challenges

High maintenance costs
Maintenance activities consume a significant portion of most industrial companies' budgets - labor, equipment and spare component costs, or ongoing costs. They significantly increase operating costs and reduce profit margins if they are not managed effectively.
Lack of profound process understanding
Understanding the correlations resulting from the machines, materials, parameters, or practices used in a process must be supported by proper analytical techniques and historical data.
Damages and unplanned stoppages out of control
Traditional maintenance methods fail to effectively predict and prevent the occurrence of critical breakdowns on production lines, which can result in uncontrolled increases in financial and time costs, but also in risks to worker safety.
Strive to maximize the efficiency of machines on the production line
Unexpected failures on the production lines are a consequence of a lack of sufficient manufacturing process analysis. Analyze and control real-time data to monitor the machinery's performance, optimize and improve efficiency, and consequently predict and prevent upcoming failures.

_What is AI-Driven Predictive Maintenance?

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AI-driven predictive maintenance is a solution that uses complex algorithms and deep learning to reliably predict potential equipment failure before it happens.
Empowers classical reactive and preventive maintenance models with AI-based machine learning technology that leverages historical asset and process data to make more accurate and intelligent decisions.

_AI-Driven Predictive Maintenance Benefits

Increased OEE and equipment lifetime
Maximized Equipment Uptime
Reduced maintenance costs
Better Spare parts inventory planning
Avoid long downtimes
Enhanced safety


Smarter maintenance decisions
our advanced machine learning algorithms analyze data from all sources, identify anomalies and predict failures before they occur - helping you make the right decisions for optimum maintenance.
Trends & correlation
identify complex relationships between process parameters and the condition of assets with AI analytical techniques.
Seamless integration
integrate TT PSC’s predictive maintenance solution with any existing systems and enable automated monitoring and detection of operational patterns to maximize equipment uptime.
Real-Time Monitoring & Alerts
create alerts indicating the remaining useful life of assets based on AI technology and be able to continuously be monitoring of machine condition.
Predict equipment failures
define and detect critical points on the production line and get real-time recommendations long before issues occur.


_Take proactive steps to prevent costly repairs and downtime

TT PSC helps you stay one step ahead of costly maintenance problems by offering an Industrial Analytics solution that monitors your equipment and alert you when issues arise.


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