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_Challenges for Software Companies

Scalability of R&D Staff

Flexibly scaling team, while ensuring security and speed, requires effective strategies and experience.

Lack of talent Acquisition

Overcoming the lack of technical expertise and skilled talents for staying at the forefront of innovation.

Lack of focus on Innovation

Need to maintain existing products while fostering innovation is crucial for sustained growth and relevance in the market.

Managing Rising R&D Costs

Effectively addressing the challenge of increasing Research and Development overhead costs.

_How we can extend your R&D capabilities

Software Development

As your trusted software development partner, we bring specialized expertise, ensuring top-tier solutions. Stay ahead with continual innovation, aligning your software with the latest advancements and security measures. Count on comprehensive technical support for a smooth software experience.

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Quality Assurance

Elevate your IT solutions with our Quality Assurance services. Our experienced team ensures top-notch performance through meticulous testing, guaranteeing reliability and customer satisfaction. Gain access to top-tier specialists and experience a win-win partnership model. If you aim for a seamlessly functioning solution, software testing is the key – and we've got you covered!

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Cloud Infrastructure & Applications

Intensive use of cloud services enables flexible scaling of resources, accelerating software development processes and ensuring rapid deployment of new solutions for software providers. Cloud deployment also allows global access to data, improving team collaboration and enabling rapid adaptation to changing market conditions.

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Data Analytics

Data Analytics Platforms Services provide customer-centric solutions, offering unified Customer Data Platforms for personalized interactions, ultimately driving business success. Unlock the power of data for improved decision-making, real-time insights, scalability, cost savings, and robust data security.

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Flexible Cooperation Models

Our offering encompasses three distinct collaboration models: R&D Staff Augmentation for short-term projects, a Dedicated R&D Scrum Team for long-term commitments, and Managed Services ensuring continuous operations for your software products or services over an extended period. Customize your collaboration with our specialists as you wish.

Cooperation models

Our advantages and differentiators

Access to the large pool of talents
Profit from a global team of 2,500+ skilled professionals across 23 offices. Our tech hub specializes in cutting-edge languages like Golang and Rust. With 60% of our team at Senior+ levels, we efficiently execute large-scale projects, assembling 80-100 specialists within a year. Polish software developers are globally recognized, with over 20,000 IT specialists graduating from Polish universities annually. During our developer careers, Poland consistently holds top positions in rankings. Top 3 algorithms, Java, and Python based on hackerrank, and ranks 2nd globally as a prime outsourcing hub, according to Deloitte.
High security standards
We prioritize your project's security through certified office spaces, rigorous employee background checks, and ISO 27001, SoC, and TISAX certifications. With a dedicated security team led by a CISO. Our presence in NATO and the EU ensures an additional layer of security through a stable geopolitical and economic situation, our and our clients.
Flexible billing models
Simplify your budget with our flexible billing models, offering fixed monthly rates for cost predictability. Enjoy volume-based discounts and get Managed Services like On-call seamlessly included in your monthly service charge.
R&D Extension Expertise for Software Companies
With 17+ years in R&D augmentation, we specialize in collaborating with clients from NA & Israel, navigating legacy code, and streamlining tech departments. Achieving a Net Promoter Score of 92%, our efficient processes and tools develop software for both Enterprise and Scale-up customers. We foster enduring partnerships, with 86% of revenue coming from long-term clients.

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