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Transformation of the aerospace and defense industry through advanced technology solutions


Cost management
Cost management in the aerospace and defense industry requires optimization of processes, supply chains, production capabilities, and implementation of modern technologies, while maintaining high standards of quality and safety.
The aerospace and defense industry must invest in sustainable production. Meeting emission standards, waste management and energy efficiency are important. Building environmentally friendly machinery and following sustainable practices are priorities.
Intelligent data analysis
In the defense industry, effective utilization of large volumes of generated data is essential for deriving valuable insights. The use of technologies such as AI or machine learning helps extract relevant information and supports the decision-making process.
After-sales service and support
After-sales support is crucial in the defense industry, especially in these uncertain times. Ensuring an efficient service network, parts availability and professional technical advice is a challenge. AR and SCP technologies support new business models and complement competencies.

_New technologies as a response to challenges in the industry

_New technologies as a response to challenges in the industry


OEE Advisor
Acquire data from machines in real time, automatically calculating OEE. Monitor it and create reports to optimize your production process.
Energy Advisor for industry
A solution that brings a revolution in energy management. Based on the leading Industrial IoT platform, it enables you to make informed decisions and achieve maximum energy efficiency.
GreenPLM is a solution that addresses the growing demand for sustainable products. It enables early assessment of a product's environmental impact, right at the design stage.
Provides full traceability of data throughout the product lifecycle, improving engineering, manufacturing and quality. Reduce costs, improve product quality and make smart decisions.
The innovative SkillWorx Assisted Worker solution uses augmented reality (AR) technology to provide remote support and guidance wherever you need it.

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