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Insufficient integration of legacy systems

Many pharmaceutical companies have existing legacy systems, including complex IT infrastructures and siloed data repositories. Integrating these systems with new digital solutions and platforms can be challenging. Achieving seamless interoperability and data integration is crucial for getting all benefits of digital transformation.

Hindered information exchange and team cooperation

The pharma industry operates within a complex ecosystem involving various stakeholders, including healthcare providers, research institutions, regulatory bodies, and patients. The lack of tools that support interoperability and seamless collaboration between these stakeholders can make information sharing difficult.

Talent and skill gap

The rapid pace of digital transformation requires a workforce equipped with digital skills and expertise. However, the pharma industry often faces a shortage of professionals with experience in areas such as data analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and cybersecurity.

Energy crisis

The production of pharmaceuticals can be energy-intensive due to the need for heating, cooling, and other processes that consume a significant amount of energy. No way to track and analyze energy consumption in real-time make it extremely difficult to identify areas where energy is wasted.

How digital transformation improves industry efficiency?

Digital Product Engineering
PLM in Cloud improves collaboration, reduces costs and accelerates innovation. A valuable solution for drug process production, supporting compliance and clinical trials. AR and VR solutions can provide interactive experiences in drug development and training.
Digital Manufacturing
Predictive Maintenance, OEE, and Energy Advisors help improve the drug production process. These solutions enable real-time monitoring of manufacturing performance and diagnosing issues, lower maintenance and repair costs, and reduce energy waste.
Digital Supply Chain & Customer Intelligence
AI&ML together with BI can help in improving drug discovery, clinical trials, supply chain optimization, predictive analytics, and personalized medicine. By leveraging these technologies, manufacturers can accelerate drug development, reduce costs, and improve patient outcomes.
Cloud Transformation
Cloud adoption supports data analytics, security, flexibility, and innovation. It helps optimize drug development and patient outcomes by improving decision-making, understanding patient needs, meeting regulatory requirements, reducing costs, and accelerating innovation.


The solution streamlines the product development process, reducing time-to-market, enhancing product quality, and providing better product lifecycle visibility, resulting in increased efficiency and profitability.
Energy Advisor for Manufacturing
This solution supports pharmaceutical manufacturers in optimizing their energy consumption & costs during production processes by using accelerator modules & a tailored roadmap for maximum efficiency gains.
OEE Advisor
Helps max. effectiveness and overcome industry-specific challenges by providing real-time tracking and production process evaluation, leading to reduced downtime and lower costs while maintaining high-quality standards.
Predictive Maintenance
It can predict and prevent equipment failures in drug production processes. Analyzing data from different sources, detects abnormalities in equipment behavior and identify patterns that may indicate its potential breaks.
Demand Forecasting and Warehouse Optimization
Based on historical data together with warehouse optimization it uses AI statistical modeling to understand and estimate future customer demand.
Data visualization and reporting
The solution can support the pharma industry by providing data-based insights into: drug development, clinical trials, regulatory compliance, supply chain management, and sales and marketing.

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