Get vehicle manufacturing sustainable with relevant technology


Energy crisis

The difficult geopolitical situation has led to a sharp increase of energy prices, additionally national and supranational authorities are pushing society and especially the manufacturing industry towards a carbon neutral future. This pressure will even grow in the next years.

Slowdown in global demand

Significant changes in consumer behavior, with a growing trend towards shared mobility, especially in western rural areas, and public transport, impact the traditional vehicle ownership model. This and growing competition from the Far East create enormous tension among European car makers.

Supply-chain disruptions

The global supply chain complexity, with many components sourced from various continents. The just-in-time delivery and just-in-time manufacturing approach is highly efficient but has proven to be also highly vulnerable to disruptions.

Sustainability pursuit

To meet ecology requirements and new regulations, the industry must take steps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by developing electric and hybrid cars, improving engine efficiency, using biofuels, increasing recycling and reuse of materials, and making the supply chain more sustainable.

How digital transformation supports trends in industry development

Digital Product Engineering
Solutions like VR or AR connected to PLM can assist automotive companies in designing and prototyping new vehicles and parts, reducing development time and costs and enhancing product quality.
Digital Manufacturing
Predictive Maintenance, OEE and Energy Advisors can support automotive companies to monitor their manufacturing performance, diagnose issues in real-time, reduce maintenance and repair costs, and improve energy efficiency. More
Digital Supply Chain & Customer Intelligence
Technologies like blockchain and AI can enhance supply chain operations, reduce waste, improve energy efficiency, and increase transparency and traceability.
Cloud Transformation
Cloud computing can assist the automotive industry in managing and processing large amounts of data from connected cars, production lines, and supply chain networks. The implementation of IoT, AI, and ML technologies can improve efficiency, minimize waste, and reduce costs.


The solution streamlines the product development process, reducing time-to-market, enhancing product quality, and providing better product lifecycle visibility, resulting in increased efficiency and profitability.
Energy Advisor for Manufacturing
This solution helps manufacturers optimize energy use & cut costs during production. Tailored roadmap & quick results ensure efficiency gains in automotive plants.
OEE Advisor
Helps to optimize manufacturing processes and identify bottlenecks and inefficiencies in the production process. It supports making data-driven decisions, optimizing maintenance schedules, or reducing downtime.
Predictive Maintenance
Helps predicting and preventing potential malfunctions in car production lines. Analyzing data from sensors and other sources, detects abnormal machine behavior and identify patterns that may indicate potential failures.
SkillWorx Assisted Worker addresses guidance and assistance use-case for field operations via tagging of physical space/object and remote mentoring for frontline workers.
Demand Forecasting and Warehouse optimization
By accurately predicting future demand producers can create a more streamlined and efficient supply chain and can better plan their production schedules and optimize their inventory levels.
Data visualization and reporting
A set of solutions that aggregates data from across your organization for deep analysis of: customer behavior, supply chain operations, manufacturing processes, customer feedback, and operations data.

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