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_What is PLM?

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) supports all stages in the Product Life Cycle: development, introduction, growth, maturity and decline.

PLM enables geographically-dispersed, multi-disciplinary, teams to strategically collaborate with partners and customers using trusted, up-to-date product information.

Companies that manufacture goods experience a range of issues outside of the scope of design and manufacturing. Product lifecycle management (PLM) helps solve these problems and align and integrate key resources, quickly making product information accessible to teams across the organization.

Product Lifecycle Management TT PSC

_PLM in Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation is a business strategy applying modern technologies to solve traditional and novel business challenges and create new opportunities for growth by increasing efficiency, eliminating costs and risks.

It can encompass smart, connected products, operations, supply chains and systems. In the world of distributed product development, manufacturing and service, Digital Transformation unlocks value and builds competitive advantage.

Worker shortage

The industrial markets have milions of jobs unfilled due to a growing skills gap.

Risk and cost pressure

Global companies are facing increasing macroeconomic and cost pressures.

Digital disruption

Traditional enterprises are threatened by the rise of digital bisiness models.

_Product Lifecycle Management – the Core of Product Development in Every Company

PLM Core of Product Development TT PSC
At the foundation of every Digital Transformation is data: from 3D CAD models, processes, documentation, through even real-world usage data.
PLM brings all information about a product into a single platform, making it instantly available to distributed teams and serving as the single solution to manage every process and a single source of truth for all product-related information. It creates a coherent flow of information from design to manufacturing, to deployment and back, driving collaboration and innovation, and improving decision making for companies looking to build competitive advantage.


Time-to-market decrease

Single source of truth

Drive innovation

Cost decrease

Improved quality of product

Increase productivity

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We have a long track record in delivering PLM solutions for clients all over the world.
Our experience lets us work actively at every stage of the project, from defining a PLM strategy, through consulting, upgrades and ongoing maintenance and support.

Consulting and Strategy



PLM in the Cloud

PLM in the Cloud

Data Migration

Data Migration


ALM services

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_Product Lifecycle Management Capabilities

BOM Management
Windchill enables creating and management of a complete Bill Of Materials (BOM), as well as its transformation into an Engineering BOM (EBOM) and a Manufacturing BOM (MBOM). It is the single source of truth and data for efficient management of product structure and ensures a smooth flow of information across a product’s entire lifecycle.
Change Management
Essential framework allowing implementation of a reliable and repeatable change process. Change management features are crucial to effectively introduce product changes at all stages of its lifecycle, especially with the ever increasing demand of the market to deliver new products and higher quality - faster.
CAD Management
Windchill is capable of managing engineering data in one coherent system through integrations with various CAD systems. All design work, including Change Management, is executed collaboratively during the design process.
Document Management
The Project Mangement framework offers an additional space for users to work collaboratively on a project. It allows users to keep track of their progress against a defined plan and schedule at all stages of a project’s lifespan. Projects provide tools to guide work in compliance with project management standards.
Project Management
Windchill delivers solutions for managing projects inside a PLM system. Easy to use tools help plan, visualize and manage projects. Achieve better results, track progress and work more efficiently.
Requirements & Test Management
Effective requirement and validation practices are vital to mitigating risk and ensuring customer satisfaction. With requirements management and validation you enable teams to specify, define, verify, and validate every aspect of the product.
Software Configuration Management
Built-in governance for automated, accurate, and coordinated enterprise change and configuration management.

_Discover Windchill from PTC

At our work, we use PTC products which are used by different brands all over the world. They are versatile tools which allow adjusting their final form to clients' needs. We help companies not only in implementation processes which are based on PTC products, but we also help them develop this ecosystem. You can also expand your potential by means of cooperation with Transition Technologies PSC!
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PTC Windchill is modern Enterprise software designed for companies, enabling the optimization of processes related to product lifecycle management (PLM).
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_PLM in the Cloud?

Thousands of companies are moving their systems to the cloud. This movement is due to the cloud’s ability to control costs, reduce risk, and increase reliability. Giving companies capacity to invest in development enables increasing efficiency of teams and building competitive advantage without sacrificing flexibility or reliability of your environment.

TTPSC understands that a common obstacle in migrating a PLM system to the cloud is the lack of appropriate knowledge, resources or competences to implement this process. Collaborating with our company eliminates these problems. With extensive experience in migrating and maintaining systems in both Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services our skills are confirmed by many partnerships and certificates.

The result will be a fast and reliable system that will bring tangible benefits to your business in a short amount of time.

_PLM is the Foundation for the Product Digital Thread

PLM Product Digital Thread TT PSC
A Digital Thread follows a set of product-related data as it flows through business processes and creates continuity and accessibility.

It creates visibility at every stage of a product lifecycle: from design, through supply chain management, manufacturing and further, feeding this information up and down stream to improve decision making, quality and efficiency.

The digital thread is a proven way to enable global collaboration and improve communication, collaboration, quality in product design, manufacturing and service. And you can do both with award-winning Windchill® product lifecycle management (PLM) software.

_Our Story - PTC Solution Center Access Program

16 years of cooperation with PTC in the field of project delivery as well as research and development activities, with the focus on constant delivery of the highest quality products, makes us the main solutions center for larger PTC programs.
Starting with PLM, through Service Lifecycle Management (SLM), Application Lifecycle Management (ALM services), Product and Material Compliance, to Internet of Things (IoT) and Augmented Reality (AR), our work has been awarded as the best in our field on numerous occasions. We are the best in class while maintaining attractive pricing for our customers.
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_Why us

Exceeding our customers’ expectations is all about choosing the right people for the job, and supporting them with proven processes and a strong, experienced project management team. Our experience and in-depth understanding of Product lifecycle Management, together with our ability to take total responsibility for each job, contributes added value for our clients on each project, ensuring efficiency and reducing risk.

16 years of experience

Over 1000 PLM projects completed

Highest quality at competitive price

Supporting 10 languages and present in ever major geographic area

Over 200 PLM experts on board

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