Transition Technologies PSC receives a grant to develop Augmented Reality solution

Transition Technologies PSC (TT PSC), a Global IT Solutions Integrator, received a grant awarded by the National Center for Research and Development under the EU Operational Program Intelligent Development 2014-2020. AR (Augmented Reality) based Connected Worker project, with the total value of over PLN 5.3 million, will be implemented by the end of August 2023.


It will contribute to the development of systems that increase the effectiveness of remote work in isolation conditions, and provide solutions supporting entrepreneurs in the new reality.

“We will spend the granted funding on research and development of this innovative tool that increases the effectiveness of remote work and provides solutions supporting entrepreneurs in new conditions. The work is focused on Augmented Reality technology.” – says Szymon Bartkowiak, CEO at TT PSC.


TT PSC’s innovative solution is a response to the challenges revealed by the COVID-19 pandemic that changed the existing operation models in the production, service and public services industries. Some of the most common challenges are coping with work in a social distancing situation, restrictions on business trips and employment changes.

“When implementing digital transformation projects in industrial enterprises, we have noticed that production, service, logistics, training or quality control processes more and more often require remote support or technical employees (frontline workers) supervision. By enabling remote cooperation in the course of ongoing industrial processes, it is possible to increase the level of safety, efficiency and quality of work thanks to quick problem solving, improved qualifications and independence in access to information. The currently used communication solutions are intended primarily for office workers, and thus – are burdened with certain limitations in terms of industrial implementation. The solution that we are developing responds to the needs of the market by extending the communication mechanisms for industrial wearable devices with a visual spatial mapping system for quick and accurate reconstruction of the employee’s environment in order to enrich it with AR instructions, regardless of the computing power of the device used by the employee “- says Adam Gąsiorek , CTO at TT PSC.


These restrictions include no support for industrial wearables (currently available solutions do not work well when working with machines, infrastructure, providing services and tasks that require free hands), dependence on ArCore and ArKit libraries, small scale of mapped space and short battery life (real use of AR is limited to 2-3 hours).

“I am convinced that thanks to the unique combination of wearable technologies, voice support, cloud-accelerated vision mapping and positioning algorithms, AR technology will be much more widely and more often used in industrial enterprises. Thanks to this, the employees will be able to receive contextualized visual work instructions, reduce the number of errors and solve problems quickly and safely while cooperating remotely (also in low bandwidth conditions). We will also solve the issues of limited computing power or short battery life – thanks to the use of the cloud for AR computing and 3G / 4G / soon 5G connectivity. All of this will increase work efficiency and safety – also in isolation or epidemiological threat conditions, which is crucial for maintaining the continuity of business operations, ” – adds Adam Gąsiorek.


The Connected Worker project is implemented under the Intelligent Development Operational Program 2014-2020, Sub-measure 1.1.1, and is co-financed by the European Union – European Regional Development Fund.

Detailed information is available here.


Project Information


“Connected Worker – AR technology using real-time spatial mapping and environment tracking as well as edge or cloud computing to ensure effective communication and collaboration in the areas of 3G / 4G / 5G network operation.”


PLN 5,3 mln –  total project value

PLN 2,86 mln – grant value

Execution time:

1.09.2021 – 31.08.2023

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