_ITSM: an IT service management platform

A strategic solution and set of practices, in line with the best ITIL standards

_What is ITSM?

ITSM, or Information Technology Service Management, is a strategic framework and set of practices that help organizations effectively manage their IT services.

The main tenets of ITSM are to provide and manage IT services according to the needs of customers and organizations. ITSM is also an approach that aims to: standardize and improve processes related to IT services.

_Challenges to which ITSM is responding


Frequent system failures and operating in constant "firefighting" mode"

We complement ITSM systems with an infrastructure monitoring service, so that errors are caught automatically, quickly, and can be immediately started to repair them.


IT costs too high

An ITSM/ESM solution (ESM if it goes beyond IT service management) optimizes costs by, among other things, reducing work time through faster and better information flow, SLAs, performance reports - the company quickly identifies weaknesses and can improve them.


Distributed processes and services

Organizations often have fragmented IT processes, leading to inefficiencies and poor service quality.


Poor communication with inadequate case updates

Lack of acknowledgement of receipt of requests and lack of information about their status are frustrating; the ITIL practices under which we implement service management do not allow such situations.


Inefficient operation teams and long customer service times

This is a frequent challenge that companies come to us with. The processes we implement as part of ITSM are designed to streamline operations and service teams, as well as communication with customers - internal and external.


Lack of operating standards and procedures

Compiling and keeping up-to-date documentation is time-consuming, and often companies that approach us do not have well-maintained standards and operating procedures. During our pre-implementation work, we fill this gap, and share good practices related to record keeping.


Unsatisfactory quality of services provided

Just because service management is implemented in a company does not mean that it is done well and will cover the needs of service recipients. We support companies to organize their processes and implement them in such a way that they meet the best standards to guarantee high quality.

_ITIL is a published set of the best practices on how to get better at ITSM


Service design

  • Service Catalogue Management
  • Service Level Management
  • Supplier Management
  • Availability Management
  • Capacity Management
  • IT Service Continuity Management (ITSCM)
  • Information Security Management

Service Strategy

  • Business Relationship Management
  • Demand Management
  • Strategy Management for IT Services
  • Financial Management for IT Services
  • Service Portfolio Management

Service Operation

  • Incident and Request Management
  • Problem Management
  • Access Management
  • Service Desk
  • Technical Management
  • IT Operations Management
  • Application Management
  • Event Management

Service Transition

_ITSM implementation: from consultation to support and development

The scope of services and activities depends on the needs and goals of the client organization

_Areas that coexist with ITSM

Back office
Data Warehouse

_ITSM implementation related services:

  • TTPSC Mapowanie procesów

    Business analysis

    Precise understanding of existing processes and infrastructure in comparison with customer needs and recommendations for optimal solutions.

  • TTPSC Mapowanie procesów

    Process mapping

    Mapping the processes that the client cares about in the form of understandable paths of action.

  • Consulting


    Consultation and recommendations related to the existing working IT environment in the Industry and for business operations.

  • TTPSC Instalacja i konfiguracja

    Installation and configuration

    Implementation of concepts by installing and configuring a selected set of tools so that they create a harmonized environment.

  • TTPSC Wsparcie i utrzymanie

    Support and maintenance

    Ongoing administrator support, taking care of the client's infrastructure, ensuring uninterrupted operation and compliance with best practices.

  • TTPSC Testowanie


    Manual and/or automated testing of the implemented solution before commissioning.

  • TTPSC Rozwój


    Scaling the environment with new processes and improvements so that the solutions you have can grow with your business.

  • TTPSC Usługi chmurowe

    Cloud services

    Full range of cloud services from migration, cost optimization, management to integration, among others.


_Benefits of ITSM implementation

Less IT service failures and downtime

With ITSM, IT services become available, and their ability to operate continuously (industry term: reliability) is improved. This translates into minimized downtime, which in turn increases the efficiency and productivity of infrastructure and employees.

Improving customer satisfaction

By better managing IT services, the organization delivers services that are more in line with customer expectations, which contributes to customer satisfaction.

Shorter service time

With incident and problem management processes in place, the organization will be able to respond more quickly to failures and technical problems.

Improving operational efficiency

Improving operational efficiency ITSM promotes a culture of continuous improvement, meaning that the organization strives to continuously streamline, improve and develop services and processes.

Introduce standards and organize procedures

Introduce standards and organize procedures An important part of the work is to complete, organize and introduce a way to manage records, in accordance with best practices.

Financial savings

ITSM helps control operating costs, avoid wasted resources and optimize IT service expenses.

Increase competitiveness

Increase competitiveness With effective IT service management, the organization becomes more competitive in the market and responds flexibly to changes.

Faster response to changes

The ITSM model includes change management processes that enable organizations to adapt more quickly to changes in the business and technology environment

_ITSM capabilities

An ITSM system is a comprehensive IT environment for managing a company's services and internal processes, which are interrelated and require the cooperation of many different teams.

Key features: seamless workflow, automations, integrations between many different tools, team collaboration according to company processes.


Flexibility and scalability

  • The ITSM system supports only those processes and activities that the client wants to implement. We customize and implement ITSM in companies where a minimum of 3 agents (operators) will ultimately use it.
  • ITSM can be expanded with custom functionality.
  • No limits on the number of users and agents.

Best practices

  • System ITSM obsługuje tylko te procesy i czynności, które klient chce do niego wdrożyć. Dostosowujemy i wdrażamy ITSM dla firm, w których liczba osób korzystających z niego docelowo to minimum 3 agentów (operatorów).
  • ITSM można rozbudować o implementację niestandardowych funkcjonalności.
  • Brak limitów ilości użytkowników i agentów.

Management of key activities and company equipment

ITSM has built-in functionality and modules for management, for example:

  • changes
  • configuration
  • IT services
  • problems and incidents
  • the company's fixed assets

Multi-channel user communication

Ability to add functionalities such as:

  • Chatbot
  • Call center
  • Custom email notifications


  • Requests for services that require approval are routed to the appropriate people in accordance with the organization's business rules.
  • The system indicates the areas/teams based on the information selected in the application: application, equipment or application type.
  • The user will receive automatic notifications of updates to his application.

Statistics and reports

  • Automatically generated reports on dedicated views available to appropriate people (e.g., Incident Manager evaluates team effectiveness).
  • Ability to implement AI algorithms for advanced analytics.


Transition Technologies PSC is a partner of leaders providing ITSM solutions.

We have the highest level of partnership with the Atlassian brand. We are also a partner of the BMC brand.

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_Make an appointment for a consultation

Before the meeting, prepare information such as:

  • Challenges the company would like to address with an ITSM implementation.
  • Number of end-users who will be able to submit applications.
  • Number of operators who will work on handling registered cases.

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